Want to have the latest MaidSafe price displayed on your win10 desktop

@bpetkovski a bit shy to post this himself, but he has just finished creating creating a crypto desklet for windows 10 - including one for MaidSafe.

You need to install a desktop customisation tool first before running his file. Once up and running, you can set these things to stay on top of all windows if you like.

More details here…

Also available for linux.


Works great - cheers @bpetkovski :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks! Feel free to give some feedback/ideas how to make it more useful.


Hey there, I have been using Rainmeter for like 10 years, what exactly does the Win 10 version do that won’t/doesn’t work in Win 7?

Umm yeah - see all those red numbers? Could you make them green?


Yeah, that would be greeaaat.


I think I read somewhere that some features may not work on older windows version but I am not sure exactly where… But it is a good point, will try to test the skin on older windows versions and probably remove that bit if everything works great.

I have Windows 7 and it all seems to work fine for me.
I am willing to help test things, if needed.

I tested on Windows 8 and seems it is fine as well. :ok_hand: Thanks for the help!

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You seem to be living in the past…

Is your system clock correct?

BTW, Happy One Year Anniversary!

@bpetkovski What types of ports are used for the Coin numbers?

Can you check if you can open https://api.coinmarketcap.com/v2/ticker/1/ ?

It seems the data was not loaded from this API for some reason, maybe it is blocked on your network?

@lubinew Hmm the data is fine… Can you please open the Log view, it should be in the Manage window and then click refresh on the skin? Please copy and paste if you see some error.

@lubinew I think you have a firewall or some other app that blocks Rainmeter from accessing anything outside. Maybe try to add Rainmeter to the whitelist: https://www.technipages.com/blockunblock-programs-in-windows-firewall