Waning Interest levels


i have been watching and doing my humble best to help the birth of maidsafe for a long time now…

naturally levels of enthusiasm go up and down on a long and complex project like this…

lately it seems to me that probably due to the areas now being worked on being mainly client facing the level of input required from the community seems to have dropped off.

the level of interest in new developer announcements seems to drop off very quickly at the moment with very few comments in comparison with the situation when the community is actively involved. as i have read mentioned before there seems to be a touch of exhaustion creeping in.

i have suggested in the past it may be time to provide more for the community to do to keep the interest levels up, the real core of those who actively get involved are it appears to me to be the farmers who have not had any input now for sometime.

it may pay to get the mcdonald’s and giles’s re-engaged asap…

i have my fingers crossed that the next big step is close…



Just a calm before the storm :wink:

I’m sure Alpha 2 and v1s of a few Apps will breathe a big new lease of life.

I’d imagine things will really start to hot up in October, but the rest of this month will probably be quiet. I suspect a common coping mechanism for impatience is to try to ignore the thing we know we’ll have to wait for. I know I try to distract myself with other stuff when I’m impatient anyway. There’s plenty to get distracted with in crypto atm

Just a few more weeks. :crazy_face:

disclaimer - eternal optimist


i hope so…

it was really a prod to put some effort into community management as well as all the other stuff…

an army marches on its belly

a development community marches on its interest

so keeping the interest up is as important as the development itself, no good having amazing system if nobody gives a toss…

rup :wink:


I think you’re right, but I also think we need a more stable network with more bells and whistles to hold anyone’s attention.

The interest will come when the world starts to accept SAFE’s credibility imo. That will need to come more from development than community management at the moment I reckon.


I agree with you both. But Alpha 2 will do the trick once apps and sites get up there and stick. If we get project decorum version 1 that will be big, if @bochaco puts up his faucet again that we can now actually send coins back and forth that will be huge imo. I’m sure others have things up their sleeves as well. I’d like to see safenoise pop back up as well :grin:


I’m on low burner concerning myself with other things, atm. Just waiting for something to happen. Maybe less attention is good for the project, to take the edge off? If they even recognize the difference. I’ll just wait for MAID to go down even further to get some more.

If we create interest levels for the sake of keeping interest levels up then you will see people burnt out. 2 reasons why people get “burnt out”, the first is they do too much for too long, the second is doing things for the sake of doing things.

My opinion is — So yes if there is something useful/needed for the community to do. BUT no if its just to keep interest.

Once aplha 3 or 4 is released the interest will be very high. Home vaults, test safecoin on the horizon and all the ongoing testing being done.

But to be honest we are seeing a steady flow of people introducing themselves, interest in the marketing topic and community/developers asking some serious questions on how to use the API/data-structures. I’d say we are watching the storm which is SAFE on the horizon now and slowly approaching with rain showers before it hits. Over the next 2 years (less most likely) is when its all going to happen (my prediction).


I have said the same @rupert
Not sure if this is as @Jabba says and this is the calm before the storm but sure do hope so.

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Interest levels will continue to drop until there is something exciting to push them back up (Alpha 2?). I’d imagine that even the dev team is feeling the grind at this point. It’s like they’re doing the grunt work to put in the foundation for a new building, but once it’s there, man is it solid!



not asking for ‘bizi’ work at all, just suggesting that an effort is made to manage the tight rope which is peoples interest and patience…


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For me personally this project is the most profound and the team is the best I have come across in the world. That being said there is nothing new this technology will offer until we have SafeCoin…I say that because there are new decentralized networks launching almost weekly.

Those who withstand the torture of waiting will be the ones who are rewarded the most.


I imagined this would be a sprint but it turns out more like a marathon.
so sometimes i find myself running out of energy to engage fully on the
forum. but still: i read every dev update and spend the same amount of
time on the forum.

and it is frustrating sometimes to see all these other projects being pushed
out there, way less promising but getting so much more attention. but that
will change soon enough.

in any case, what i like is this: the devs are doing exactly the right thing here,
that is getting work done and hiring more ppl. the fruits of this will show no doubt.
and does it really matter if it is a year from now or two?

long story short: i am engaging less on the forum, but i am actually more excited
with every dev update :slight_smile:


Maybe a little bit longer than a marathon, without the extent of the Self-Transcendence 3100 mile race…

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