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Has someone had a similar problem like mine?

Basically, I transferred maidsafe coins from poloniex to a coinbase wallet using their automatically generated addresses and transferred all the coins from the main wallet (that has all the references to the generated addresses) to a coinbase vault, that I also created using their automated security process.

Now none of the two addresses show any funds (the main bitcoin wallet and the bitcoin vault) but if I go to omniwallet.org to check the balance of all the automatically generated addresses created by coinbase that I used to process all my transfers from poloniex to coinbase, they still show my maidsafe coins and their USD value.

The problem now is that coinbase says that they can’t give me any of those funds because they don’t support alternative coins that work on top on bitcoin and I don’t know what to do. We’re talking about almost 10,000 USD!

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


Can you get the private key?? If you have that than it’s no problem, you could just import it to the omniwallet.

Just searched for it and this doesn’t seem possible:

Don’t know any other solution actually…


Aww man this post kind of breaks my heart to see…

Hope out works out, CoinBase usually will not help with this…


You should be able to somehow write a transaction from the coinbase address to an OMNI-wallet address and use the signing function on coinbase to sign that thing. Then you would need to broadcast that transaction somehow to the Bitcoin_network. Don’t ask me how to exactly do this but some geeks out there should know the full answer to that one…

Sorry Man, just searched through Coinbase - This is a direct copy from their website/support:

"Altcoins and ICOs

Jun 27, 2017
DO NOT send any unsupported digital currencies to your Coinbase account or participate in an ICO using your Coinbase account. Doing so will result in a loss of the digital currency in question.

Unsupported Digital Currencies

Because of the irreversible nature of digital currencies, the security and integrity of our private keys is of the utmost importance to us. Consequently, private keys associated with a specific address are virtually inaccessible outside of extremely limited circumstances.

As a result, Coinbase is incompatible with any digital currencies or tokens other than those found here.

Any unsupported digital currencies or tokens sent to a Coinbase address will effectively be lost."

If somehow you get a private Key… Or hopefully one day they will support MAID one day…

(Not sure if this will work - Try at your own risk!) Would he need to create a .json file to import to Omni? If you have the private key, you might be able to code your own .json file and import to Omni…

Might try to open a wallet with Omni…remove the address created from Omni…this should create a .json file. Then try switching the public key and private key in the .json code and see if you can import to Omni…

You may need to connect with Coinbase support.

Have a look here. Not sure if this issue got resolved or any attention from Coinbase support.

dude what were you thinking!? I’m a noob to crypto and I knew better than that. all I read all over the place on this forum and reddit is only send maidsafe coins to a wallet which allows you to control the private keys. Your only hope is to try and get in touch with someone from coinbase and hope they give a dam. I’ve heard that coinbase is more responsive on their sub reddit than trying to contact them through their website. I would post the same question over there, to see if someone can help you out.


Thanks everyone for all your suggestions.

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Most likely they won’t help for now, but don’t write it off.

If/when SAFEcoins are trading for $10+ you will probably find they can retrieve them for you for a fee. It won’t be worth it for them now, but there are a few people in your position. Once the financial incentive gets big enough I suspect you will get an opportunity to grease the wheels by offering them a % of it for retrieving it.

At least if it is ever worth serious money there seems a reasonable chance you can provide the incentive to get it back.


this will really hurt. wait for that much of time and even then its not sure he will get them back or not. feel sorry for u charlie. But all of us make mistakes and most of the time learn it the hard way. i reckon u buy some more maidsafe if its possible. just to be on the safe side for safenet .

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I believe coinbase is a US company. It might be worth having a law firm draft a letter to them asking for the private key or face a law suite. They would have to send a lawyer and would be some bad press for them too. This might be enough to make them move. Who knows maybe a class action suite will evolve from this. If this is a route you would want to try, let me know. I have a couple law firms that I work with and they owe me a couple favors I never called in…

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@charlie.silver don’t wait to connect with Coinbase and just because a policy is written on their website does not mean they can’t or won’t attempt to help. Get all the details of the transaction and your account info and contact their support team using every available means. Mail, email, support blog, Reddit (don’t include details on Reddit) , everywhere.

Do not threaten legal action or have a lawyer contact them on your behalf. Not only will this make it impossible for you to have any further dealings with them directly, but your letter will likely get put at the bottom of the pile with other idiots who got roped into engaging a legal team and spending $5k to blow wind. Coinbase didn’t raise over $100million because they’re dumbazzes.
Stay cool, be nice. Ya never know what might happen.


Agree to contact them 1st and try everything before drafting a legal letter. But for 10k, IMO drafting a legal letter is not a big issue if they say they won’t help. In fact IMO it is very smart. There probably has not been much case law written about this, so would be very interesting to see their response. I am not a lawyer but have worked with many of them for many years. At the very least ask for a legal consult to understand your legal options and make your own decision on what is the best route for you.

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This is not rocket science. Threatening an action and starting an action are 2 different things. Coinbase will respond to an action, but not the threat of one. To start an action may cost 5k and pushing it along will be more than the 10k … any lawyer is going to offer it as an option. Don’t bring the lawyers into this.


Your are right about the threat vs actual fileing of a suite and most lawyers will give that option for the costs you suggest. But there are other ways, most small claims court handle up to 10k…very cheap to file and serve papers. Don’t even need a lawyer for small claims. The bigger part to this is that it will cost coinbase time and money. For coinbase to send a lawyer it may cost them 5k to defend and they are at risk to lose another 10k. Maybe and just maybe it will be a bigger headache for them to goto court vs give out the private key. There may even be enough folks out there to get a class action. I imagine coinbase would do all it could to avoid this…I really have no idea on the laws and what could / cant be done. If they say they wont give you the private key. Doing nothing on hopes they will help someday, well I would not be comfortable with that plan of action. Try to get into the “Consequently, private keys associated with a specific address are virtually inaccessible outside of extremely limited circumstances.”

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