Wallet balance and notification

Is there a mechanism other than frequent polling of the safe network to know when a safecoin has been transferred to my id? ie is there a push mechanism from the network rather than a pull mechanism from the client?

I realize that wallets and safecoin is still a todo item, but I’m not that clear on how a merchant process might look in the real world using safecoin, eg

  • wallet and identity management (considering privacy and not reusing identities)
  • telling a client how/where to pay the merchant
  • knowing if the payment was made and how much was paid
  • managing refunds
  • securing funds

Any info about this would be great to know.

I’ve done a lot of work in the merchant space with bitcoin (using BIP70, BIP32, BIP39 etc) and am really interested in making the payment experience as simple and secure as possible for merchants. Safecoin has caught my interest but I’m still not totally clear on how wallets might work.

I’ve read the following articles about how safecoin and wallets might work (among many other things), please suggest other sources of information I should be reading so I can add them to this list.


check the whitepaper as well, I believe there are some transactional details, etc. in there…



There is a plan for users to be notified of some changes in their wallet - it was mentioned a while ago here in the forum but I wouldn’t be able to find it for you sorry. I don’t recall any detail but think it was not based on polling.

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The whitepaper (and some of the links to the wiki) mention the transaction manager as a key component. In the whitepaper, there’s even a Step 4 in the transaction process going from the transaction manager to the receiver saying ‘Notify the transaction’ (which would seem to answer my original question).

However, transaction managers are being / have been removed, so this diagram does not answer my question.

These changes resulted in the Unified Structured Data RFC link from the original post, which is what led to my confusion about notification of payment.

So, still not clear, but thanks for the replies so far.