Wall St. plan to install an Oil Monarch as a back seat driver for Tesla

Remember Wall Street’s brilliant plan via Citi to suggest to Google (Alphabet) that it buy AIG. AIG was at the heart of both 911 and the 08 meltdown. What a brilliant plan. Now at the twilight of oil its apparently suggesting through its Bloomberg shill that Saudi Arabia just buy Tesla to put a damper on the damage. I hope Tesla has some means in play in the charter or by some other mechanism to prevent outright hostile take over but I think transparency here would be total and public anger would be Volcanic and uncontainable. This only be adding to the stupidity of stuff like the Nevada NRG manipulation. It really is time for a carbon tracker (voluntary of course) to boycott their trash.

I had forgotten about this, but it might be part of why Jason Wheeler left Tesla. He was Alphabet CFO.