Voxelus VR - "Create VR games without knowing a line of code"

Voxelus has tokenized their VR platform releasing 31.5 million VOX crypto in a pre-sale. During the pre-sale they incorporated time based tiered pricing which started the sale at 0.0001 BTC. It is now trading at 0.00157 or $0.63 on bittrex.com. In a world where daily more than 10 million people play Minecraft, (many religiously) this project has amazing potential. They are giving users the tools to create their own VR worlds and giving that world a built in currency. I bring this up here because I firmly believe that a successful SafeNetwork (where computer resources are shared) will create the most amazing VR worlds ever seen, and projects like this are good to keep tabs on and learn from. If the current value holds they will be in the top 10 cryptos for highest Market Cap once listed on coinmarketcap.com… probably around 7th place.

[ANN] VOXELS (VOX) | The Official Coin of Virtual Reality and Voxelus Platform?


You can also keep them in a Uphold.com wallet, incase you don’t want to keep your coins on a exchange.

But Uphold.com is not real nice to Andreas

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Interesting bit of drama I didn’t know existed. Must dig a bit.
I haven’t bought any as of yet and if I do it wont be enough to worry about removing from the exchange.

It’s about Andreas using the term “Internet of money”, Uphold inc claims to own that. All I can say is Uphold proof it through the blockchain.


Thanks for the heads up, I was waiting for this

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this project first started to get funding from kickstarter but failed to reach it’s goal, i was invested and was disappointed it didn’t reach its goal , think this was june of last year around about when i went to america for 3 months.

Their original idea was a planet based world, and people who pledged , depending on the amount they pledged would receive a small medium or large planet which they controlled and would be able to be build and created, really loved the idea.

but now it looks like it has become more like a roblox , create your own instances/mini worlds for people to play on with sell able designs and creations to add to those worlds.

I would watch out when buying the coin, even thou 31.5 million was sold during a crowdsale , there are 210 million coins total and the rest will be sold thru the entirety of the life of the coin’s/games existence to anyone wishing to buy them from only those 2 websites

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I meant to add that the 31.5 million sold is just 15% of the total allotted for sale. I think I’ll wait to invest in a group of developers building something similar on the SafeNetwork.

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Impressive video of the Voxelus platform.

Whatever its merits, I’m repulsed by the escapism of people living in a fantasy world because they find their real environment so frustrating or ugly. It’s electronic weed or booze.

In way of contrast, if SAFE works as advertised then it will be something else entirely: an added dimension to the real world, like waking up one day and finding that you can fly or become invisible.

You make a good point about escapism. I have a suspicion that there will be more advantages and breakthroughs in education, technology and in social interactions because of this technology. There will be downsides without a doubt and new addictions as well.

Thanks for introducing these suspected scammers to the community.


Lol…repulsed? You are right that they can be addictive in similar ways to booze/weed and stimulate same reward mechanisms in the brain. They are immersive and a form of escapism. However, like booze and weed, some people can do things in moderation and not suffer problems. I recognise this addictive quality though and have scolded my son to “put down his crack pipe!” after a number of hours. I also think that the likelihood of addictions/ MH problems is higher, the younger the drinking/smoking/gaming starts as brain may not be fully developed.
OK, so some people become addicted, by the processes you mention, they find a crutch to lean on to escape their reality then its a slippery slope to oblivion. I have some experience of this as I’m an alcoholic but have been “dry” or abstinent for over a decade. I’d just like to say that fortunately most people do not become addicted to things and just enjoy a bit of escapism or a social drink or smoke with friends.
I now smoke lots of weed every day…mainly to keep me on a level at which I can function and feel OK. Yes, I have issues, but I’m in a small minority I think - not everyone finds their real world frustrating and ugly or need drugs/games to cope…just some of us and not all the time… :smile:

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Who suspects them of being scammers and why? I am simply sharing info on other crypto related projects. If you have information that casts suspicion on the intent of the developers and management of Vox I would definitely be all ears.

It’s a 100% premined crapcoin. What do you think?
Oh, yeah, and one of the founders declared personal bankruptcy in 2013.
I’m sure they got a very able team there.

Did I claim otherwise?

And what kind of logic is that? You “merely” post 3 links to a pump-n-dump scheme and then the skeptics are supposed to explain themselves?

Here you are, on the record, claiming these guys have “amazing potential”. We’ll see.

I get it. You believe pre-mining = scamming. Claiming bankruptcy is a major character flaw. And projects with this baggage must be pump and dumps. I am not on their team and I am not impressed by some of their connections either but that hardly makes it a rip-off scheme. So the founder of CNET Halsey Minor who is also the founder of Voxelus went bankrupt, so did Henry Ford and Walt Disney, chalk them up as scammers too?

I never said that a history of bankruptcy is a sign of a scammer. What I said it’s a sign of inability to manage money.

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Do you mind to tell us whether you or your immediate family own this crypto-share with “amazing potential” or not?

I’ve been talking to someone who explained to me how they (uphold and voxelus) management have been playing the patent troll game. I am a big believer in a world where IP (intellectual property) is not a commodity but used freely where needed. So I will play the humble card and say thank you for pointing out what wasn’t obvious about the project. That said I have no desire to contribute to its success as it stands.