Voter suppression = vote tampering = election rigging


I suspect the history of gerrymandering has led to tolerance in the States for other forms of voter nullification. I’ve heard it said that one recent US Chief Justice was involved in suppression efforts early in his career. My sense is voter suppression is equivalent to vote tampering, and election rigging. We had the court select W.

I see this in racial terms. We have wealthy whites who have paid and exercised influence to suppress other voters voices in order to place into office people who will act by writing laws that undermine those very same groups of people. No matter what the law says, people placed into office by unjust processes were not legitimately able to assume power and the laws they write are contaminated by their continued illegitimacy. Analysis after the fact is coming out on the current GOP (remember parties switched their ideologies in the early part of last century) and this flagrant behavior and races it would have just lost without these efforts. As the demographics of the country shift the GOP can only survive by resorting to this kind of crime, but its a crime against the people, a kind of American Apartheid. To get rid of the GOP we in the states only need enforce our own laws.

If the SC hadn’t ordered the voting to stop in 2000 and fixed that election I doubt we would have had 911, the financial collapse or the resultant criminal austerity. Interesting to see the estimated financial cost to the average American (in terms of lost opportunity, wages and every other measure) of the the two W terms plotted against what an average administration would have wrought or even a repeat of the Clinton terms would have wrought. Wouldn’t surprise me, if the W terms didn’t set Americans in their their 20s or 30s back 500k over their life times. And in terms of rigged electronic voter machines and all the other GOP tricks I would suggest to average Americans that the GOP and its backers straight up stole this measure of quality of life from them with full intent- pocketing their parents pensions etc. The other party is also full of GOP type sponsored shills but a bunch of them just got dumped. We finally see Obama standing up for the net because he sees just how much GOP racism has impacted the voting system in this trial run at stealing the next election to bring on the next false flag and scourging of the American people and developing world. As villains the GOP or incredibly belligerent.