Vote for Maidsafe please

Guys. We need help. Click on the link and vote for Maidsafe pls

Thank you


Just voted! Good luck for maidsafe!

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Uhm, never heard of the alternative network. I will do my research and vote accordingly.


just for earning adsense ads in site… :yum: maidsafecoin dont need vote maidsafecoin is next level internet


people here need to go around and spread maidsafe’s message
these systems are based on bullshit blockchain
if they fail or get compromised, it will hurt popularity of safenetwork when it’s lunched

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“when it’s lunched” it must not be perfect it may have bugs and stability problems, but it must be lunched soon :slight_smile: And it must be decentralized with the communities hardware and Internet connections, then with the open software we will see if it is secure and if it even is possible to be maintained by itself…
When is the most important question, just now in my opinion because the time is running out…

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So you would be fine if a bug meant someone stole your safecoin because the bug was in the fundamentals of Mutable data processing?

No the fundamentals have to pass rigorous testing otherwise you cannot trust anything to be safe on the network

Some of the UI can have bugs and need polishing but the fundamental protocols have to be right. Otherwise you thought heartbleed was bad, just wait till people can steal safecoin because of a bug in the protocols. (SAFE is a set of protocols that end up performing so much)

The security of the consensus is being worked on now and without this the network is worthless, no good releasing it.

You cannot rush the code or else you endup with what happened to that thing built on etherium that no one remembers about anymore because it failed due to being released with minor bugs. So much for getting it out just so it can be out there.


Well, I have been around from the very start and I remember the failure when the communities computers were in the loop, and I have not seen any serious try or test to handle or acknowledge the problems that was obvious then. The Roadmap as presented today are also obscuring this failure instead of handle the hard facts!
MaidSafe must as a company and as a community understand that a decentralized network can not be operated with a few servers somewhere! As I said, when MaidSafe will start a serious decentralized test, with my HW and the communities HW, then I will invest in Safecoins and also in a deeper understanding and commitment in the whole project as such.

We had a few tests with home nodes.

We had community run networks with home nodes

So I am unsure why you feel its been a failure to date.

They were tests running for a purpose so issues were expected. But the fact is they ran.

Alpha 2 is running with vaults and when data chains are added then the community will be running their own vaults in addition to the vaults being run by Maidsafe.

You tell us that you been here a while and so I find it difficult to accept you cannot see that Maidsafe also know this.

As I said Alpha 4 is exactly that and so when it happens you will be doing what you asked for.

If you want the code rushed then you will get a incomplete system. Its not like they are partying instead of coding and you can simply tell them to stop partying and code. They are coding and moving as fast as is practical.

I do not think anyone is noticing if you do your personal investing in MAID or not. No one in Maidsafe or elsewhere gets any of the money you “invest”, only the person you buy off gets any money from you.


Ok! Give me a new Roadmap for 2018, give me the opportunity to participate in the Safe network with my hardware and commitment during next year :slight_smile:

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Keep up with the dev updates and you will know the details as fast as anyone else here. The roadmap is on