Voice SIM card for PC

I have been wanting to find a SIM card reader for a PC (Ubuntu/Linux) that I can install and make and receive voice calls directly through my computer.

I was thinking a SAFE based app for something like this would be very useful, but finding a card capable of doing this (with voice calls) seems to be impossible.

Everything I can find is for data SIM only on PC and/or linking an existing cell phone or porting a number through an online service.

It doesn’t seem like it should be this hard to find hardware that does this for a PC but I have had zero luck…

Any thoughts/suggestions/feedback would be appreciated!!

How do you plan to receive calls, does your computer have a GSM or some other radio antenna?

That is exactly my question…why is it so hard to find some sort of hardware to stick in a PC to receive calls via GSM/SIM…they are in millions and millions of cell phones…why not PCs? Just seems weird…


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Alibaba to the rescue!!! Thanks!

lol as always find anything there

i mean look at this one:


wtf!!! LOL

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