Viewing by default "latest" doesn't show all latest topics

Why not?


Under default “latest” the latest “off topic” post is 1d ago “Music of the day”.

But if one goes to “TOP” one can see that there are other topics in “off-topic” that are more recent:

Now, it does seem rather strange that both those topics that aren’t visible in “latest” (which is the default view) are topics that are questioning the current world narrative.

Anyone have any ideas or perhaps @frabrunelle could address this?

As explained in the Welcome topic, some categories are muted by default (both for anonymous users and users who have an account):

Users who have an account can go to their user preferences under the Categories tab and customize their muted categories if they want to.

Individual topics also have their own notification settings so that explains why you still see some #off-topic topics on your latest view. This is because you are either tracking or watching these particular topics. Click on the topic and scroll to the bottom to see your notification settings for that topic.

Thank you @frabrunelle Blimey. I got worried there, there is so much stuff going around I have no idea what to think anymore. This stuff is exhausting!

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