Viewed topics showing as new still

Is anyone else having a problem with viewed topics remaining as new/unviewed? It has been happening to me for a couple of weeks and it is rather annoying.

I’m on chrome on android, so nothing too fruity there and up to date with versions afaik.


Yes, also having that problem on an iPad with Safari and Android with Chrome. Have searched for any bug reports on it, but can’t find any.


No problems here whit Brave… :wink:

Maybe is time to test something new and to help me get some free coins for promoting SAFE:

No probs with Firefox on Android or desktop.

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Chrome Android is working fine for me

Firefox on Windows fine too. Maybe it’s your own personal glitch @Traktion?

I have it too with chrome on android.
What works is to refresh by pulling down prior to opening topics. Works for me at least.

I logged out and logged back in again and it seems to have sorted it.

Not for me unfortunately

Argh, mine has started playing up again. I wonder if it is oauth related, as I login via Google.

Edit: logout/login fixed it again!

I just found this relevant Discourse Meta topic:

Looks like many people are experiencing this bug. Hopefully it will be resolved soon :slight_smile:


Thanks! I appreciate you looking into it!

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