Vidy release (Joseph's Safe Websites Project)

Maybe try reloading the page in the browser and trying again

Tried a different video and have the same issue.

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Tried that a few times. Hitting the hay now but I will try again tomorrow.


I think that would work OK as long as you didn’t hit the size limit of the MD before you hit the entries limit. I guess if you hit the size limit you’d have to remove an entry from the full MD, create the ‘next MD’ link, and start the ‘next MD’ off with the data entry that was removed from the full MD. Makes sense?

Wouldn’t be very scalable though I think.

If all you store in the MD is file pointers (eg Immutable Data) you won’t need to worry about the size limit, so in this sense it would scale well. If you mean for search/iteration, well then you would use a different pattern, perhaps a tree rather than a list, or a combination depending on your needs.

There are many templates to choose from, so again, not hard and again makes sense not to do this in the API itself, but to leave those choices to the application. But as I suggest, useful to have ready made libraries that different apps can share.


And who will be the owner of dynamically allocated “branches” of tree?


There is no server, so no. I’m saying that just as you can construct a linked list of MD (as described above) you can construct any linked structure. Tree, table etc according to your requirements.

Ownership is a matter for the application developer to decide as with any MD it creates.


But how developer can know what amount of MDs he needs to create to construct tree of enough size?
Depending on amount of user data, this can be 10 or 1000000 objects.

It needs to be expanded as needed

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Manually by developer?
Or with client-side JS?

I made a new update that adds more filters to website to make sure every file is stored in the right format and stops things trying to break the website or the developer console.Go here to test it out.

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Works for me - no console errors

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I made a topic on the dev forum where we can continue this discussion.


I think I know what the issue was. One of my filters to block bad content blocked messages that didnt begin with utc time 1502 , it is now utc time 1503… which meant all videos sent after that point weren’t shown. Everything should be fixed now. But there now a lot videos of ants.


Ants everywhere :smile:

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My Safe Tube project is going to be renamed to Vidy when it is uploaded to the next test net to prevent confusion with @whiteoutmashups’s SAFEtube - Video Player (by SAFE-FS)


The latest browser of peruse is capable of uploading videos so Vidy is live again.


Good stuff Joseph. Just uploaded a couple of small vids. You have to fill out all the fields, right?

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Yep all fields need to be filled, there is also a size limit on videos (not too sure exactly in mb).

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