Videos on safenet

This might be a noobsih question, but I’m wondering if it will be feasible to stream video stored on safenet, similar to for example youtube, or would it be inefficient to do so?

Also has anyone some idea of what one could expect in terms of bandwith. Say a youtube like service is possible, would one assume that the user experience will suffer especially if the content is in HD?

Edit: Also if I am not completely mistaken people only pay a one time fee upon uploading a file to the safenet, does that mean that theoretically the video will be accessible and available for download for ever without any more associated cost?

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On streaming, see several previous discussions, they are quite extensive:

Yes correct, this is the idea right now. Maybe it changes after test-Farming with Test-safecoins.

Actually everything you download from SAFE is like streaming. Imagine having a dropbox-like map on your desktop with data in SAFE. You see the icons of the files but no file is actually there on your computer. It’s in SAFE. So whenever you open a file it comes from the network to your computer. Same for youtube like websites/Apps on SAFE. Streaming should be okay, no longer the need to download a whole video and start watching when you’re done.

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I remember reading a comment by David where he claimed that streaming an HD video was as fast if not faster than disk access if you have the necessary bandwidth available. Caching will also eliminate slowdowns and content delivery failure. So yeah, it should be many times better than YouTube. No more worrying if that documentary or clip will be removed due to copyright or music licensing. :heart_eyes:

Maybe he’s an author

Sad reality. Some other method of income will have to be used.

Streaming will work like it does on the current internet.

The streaming software will request blocks (chunks) and buffer before playing, then as the s/w needs more blocks (chunks) it will request them in advance.

SAFE is more like parallel request of blocks, so if I want 5 blocks then all 5 will be received around the same time, it just may have more lag. If I want 100 blocks they also will all arrive at approx the same time as the 5 would have.

So the real issue for video over SAFE is the lag between request and all the chunks downloading. Obviously they don’t all appear at the same time in your PC since the ISP link to you is the slowest part after the chunks arrive at the ISP’s routers.

Actually it may work better than say youtube which sees the vid stop and buffer because of the inability of youtube servers to keep up (sometimes)


Here is a presentation showing a streaming running in a decentralized network (IPFS, a similar project):

UPDATE: here is a sample using gateway:


Thank you for a taste of SAFE like streaming. This forum just keeps wetting my appetite. :relaxed: