Video Games to Replace Employment/Education

Already when parents want to be free of their children they choose video games over more passive TV because its simply more effective. When scared elites in an increasingly automated society want to wear out and reduce the destructive potential of the products of over population they will resort to video games instead of obsolete employment- its a cheaper automated means to the same ends. The cross over point is probably when the AI is good enough to make the average participator as at good modifying the world or generating content as the average coder. At that point you have proper latch key society that works much better than gated communities and trying to extinguish local conflicts from space within five minutes. Better than Soma. These video games will be like a lucid dream that tailors the bubble of experience to users pre-school type curriculum. This is the next step beyond ads, sponsorship and sponsored media propaganda and puppet government.

No need to use force, people who have out grown the lessons will lose interest in the game and walk away. But that will be very few. Empty streets, green planet and lots of open space and clean air. The reason this works is because this world is a video game. If you can simulate what it is offering you can get elbow room. Within the game there will only be the optimum amount of privacy and freedom needed to further the curriculum.