Video: devolution + safe


@Glen_Simister in case it is of interest:

Valueflows - vocabulary for distributed economic networks

BTW how’s things?


Hey Glen, sorry not been back in touch. Hoping to have more time to put into my own contributions in this field after June, it’s not something I want to do half cocked and am finishing other commitments atm. Great to see others on a similar path and the layouts looks excellent.

My programming focus initially is getting a reliable voting platform implemented. I’m going onto my third Javascript book (out of 6) so even that will be a big task but it’s something I know others are working on. Then link the voting to hierarchical structures and that will be a solid foundation.

Need to read the link above later. How exactly this type of work should be funded, or indeed if it needs to be, is an interesting question; presumably it would make it happen faster. Eventually I want society’s value system to replace capital with production time, but that day is obviously not nigh. Though I still don’t see how governance applications can make good investments without compromising themselves, so I guess charities or grants would be the only sensible routes. Even then it’s difficult to maintain integrity, and it would need a roster of trusted participants.

Edit: This final paragraph could’ve been elaborated better. P2P funding, be it charity or otherwise, I think is a valid route. My main reason for not thinking governance applications (on Maidsafe) currently make good investments, is due to their open-source nature and dependence on a lot of other factors, most importantly the Maidsafe project itself being successful. I also see the core Maidsafe team working on providing the main features desired by these apps so I think the best investment at the moment would be focused in their direction until the network is up and running.


Thanks @happybeing. At a first glance it looks really interesting. I’ll need to go through it in a bit more detail. I’m ok but I haven’t been online much recently hence why i’m a bit late responding.

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Thanks for your comments @CommunityLink. My apologies for not getting back sooner. When i posted this i had taken some time off work. Now that i’m back to the grind i don’t have as much time/energy to focus on this project. I’ll try to get back to you soon with a more detailed response. cheers! :slight_smile:


Does devolution involve the concept of ‘credit piggybacking’ ?