Video: CYMATICS: Science Vs. Music

I love the study of Cymatics…what they dont tell you in the video is that to get the nice symmetrical patterns, you need to set your base frequency to A=432hz instead of A=440hz which is the current standard.

I tune my guitars in A=432hz and it makes a big difference with acoustic guitars, they vibrate stronger, sound better and make singing along less strenuous.

Using a Peterson Stroboclip tuner makes it easy to recalibrate and it has modes for a range of instruments like cellos, violins etc.

The video resolution on this clip is available up to 4k


This is on harmonics and resonance. As one commenter said “ridiculously awesome.” The understanding conveyed in it go very well with this thread.

Reminds me of some synthetic biology demonstrations. It does seem sound can drive morphology. Like the idea of morphic resonance.

Bio-Tuning®/Sonic Induction Therapy™

Although he has great knowledge of how sound works for the human, he gives nothing away for humanity unfortunately…although the podcast is very interesting.

And he hangs out with the inventor of NLP psychoanalysis …uhoh!


It seems to me that SDR is going in the direction of cymatics. Its almost like tunnel scanners being used for treatment as opposed to just diagnostic.