Video Animation CEP - SafeCoin explainer


We will create 90s explainer video for MaidSafeCoin

Visual Reference Videos:
Experty - (produced by us)
Bankera - (external reference)


  1. First we’ll get on a call with MaidSafeCoin representative to discuss the objectives that need to be achieved in the video.

  2. Next we will ask MSC to provide us with all the branding materials in their posession that may prove useful in the course of work - especially logos, fonts, brand guidelines, graphics to be incorporated in the video.

  3. Then we will start:
    a) if we are provided the script - drawing a storyboard for the project
    b) if we are not provided the script -writing one based on the information we’ve collected during our kick off call.

  4. After that we will ask MSC for feedback on our work and based on that we will apply tweaks to our script/storyboard.

  5. Next if we have the scrpt down we will work on the illustrations. The amount of board that would give us 90s of a video is around 30. Those will be sent to MSC for feedback in 3 waves - 10 per each wave.

  6. After we have received the necessary information on the illustrations we will apply the tweaks upon satisfaction of the client.

  7. Now we will present the client with selection of Voice Over artists we’ve shortlisted for the job and ask [the client] which one we should go with.

  8. After the choice on the VO artist has been made - we contact them to record the script we’ve created earlier.

  9. When we have both the illustrations as well as the voice over recorder we will start the motion design process.

  10. In a course of the process above we will first render out 15 seconds of the video as a sample which will be shown to the client for acceptance of the flow of animation. Based on the acceptance we will move on to the rest and render out a final video in Full HD.

Timeline for production -

Scriptwriting - 2 days
Storyboarding - 2 days,
Client’s Feedback - 1 day
Tweaks script - 1 day
Tweaks storyboard - 1 day
Illustrations 1st batch - 2 days
Client’s Feedback - 1 day
Illustrations 2nd batch - 2 days
Client’s Feedback - 1 day
Illustrations 3rd batch - 2 days
Client’s Feedback - 1 day
Voice Over selection - 1 day
Voice Over talent recording the script - 2 days
Motion Design/Animation work - 5 days
Feedback on the animation sample - 1 day
Final Delivery.

Total of 25 business days.

Known Limitations:

length of the video and the deadline


10 000 MaidSafeCoins - paid in two installments of 5000 MaidSafeCoins. First at the start of the project and the second after the final delivery.

Stretch Goals:

With an extra 1000 MaidSafeCoins, we will create the concept for the video focuising on lead generation and new user acquisition

With an extra 2000 MaidSafeCoins, we will localise the video in 3 additional languages (aside from English). This is the voice over and the illustrations.


Pat Animation Studios

Patrick Pawlowski

  • Producer,
  • overlooking the project,
  • maintaining the communication with MaidSafe team and the creatives at Pat Animation Studios.
  • illustration
  • motion design

Animation producer and motion designer with over 5 years of experience. Worked on the animated video campaigns for brands like Nescafe, Coca-Cola, Powerade and Hitachi to name a few. Recently founded Pat Animation Studios. Privately crypto-enthusiast and investor.

Asia Kur

  • llustrations
  • motion design work
  • storyboarding


Asia has over 10 years of experience in illustration and motion design. Among other projects she has already been involved in production of animated explainer videos for a couple of crypto currencies.

Karol Mrozu

  • scriptwriting
  • creative concept

Karol has over 7 years of experience as copywriter in agencies producing live action video and animation. He has an extensive knowledge of crypto currency business and knows what sells and what doesn’t. He’ll make a great addition to the team

POC duration and justification:

This project doesn’t require the POC.

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Very timely and concise plan! I voted


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Hi, I like the proposal but wonder how you and your team will get up to speed on the SAFE Network and Safecoin since you are new to the community


It’s a very good question. We are new to the community there can be no doubts about that. What speaks for us though is that we’ve worked on many new projects having no prior knowledge of those. We are professionals in what we do hence we follow the guidelines which are universal to all when it comes to animated video design.

To help ourselves suceed though we would like to be in close contact with a technology-savvy representative of MaidSafe whilst working on the script.

What’s important to keep in mind is that the videos primary objective is to get new people excited about MaidSafe coin and get them to invest in. I believe we are going to be more effective in doing so if we focus on the clarity of the message and not going too deep into thechnology. Being new ourselves this may be even an advantage.


For some reason as a new user I can include only two links in my post. I wanted to also show you our studios website where you can find more of our portfolios -

Thank you and good luck to all participants.



The video you guys made on Bankera had very good quality and it was easy to follow the core message about the product. For explaining concepts I think you have very good quality.

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Just to give you a heads-up we’ve just finished this video
for BitThink. Took us 14 days to produce.


Great video. Tough subject to easily visually explain, but you succeeded in that.

The video ended strong with food for thought. (Is this really true? Wow) I haven’t read up on the lightning network, so a lot of the information was new to me. It sounded like you’re biased btw. Was that intended?


Thank you and yes it was a tough topic to handle but we couldn’t be happier with the outcome! Yes, the message was provided by the client.

Really like the 2-d animation, I felt the voice over could have punched it up a notch but overall good video!