Very professional advert / video by Elastos

They are maybe another substratum, I’m not sure yet, but I have to say I’m quite impressed with the level of production on their latest video:

It almost sounds like a video for Maidsafe without the blockchain part.

I think it’s good to look at the competition and see what they are doing. Elastos may have nothing on the tech of Maidsafe, but this video instantly made me think they are a serious professional company just from the level of production.


Wonderful video…does the network exist?

I’m not sure, but looking at their website it looks like a lot of current releases mentioned test net and the road map mentions some kind of main net release in December:

I need to understand the project better.

They are not like substratum! Elastos is another heavyweight project just like Maidsafe. I think they are working on this tech for more than a decade just like maid safe. They are pretty close to beta release.

Do you have more info to back that up?

How can they be working on their tech for more than a decade when they are a blockchain based project, and blockchains didn’t exist more than a decade ago? Or did they start working on the project a decade ago and when Bitcoin came along they realised that was the tech needed to deliver their goals?

My initial instincts from what I read made me believe there was a bit more to it than substratum, but I haven’t followed it close enough to believe it is truly a serious project.

Yes I will find a link. You can just google Rong Chen and easily find it out. (
It didn’t start as a blockchain based project. I won’t call it a 100% blockchain project. Blockchain is a small part of their overall ecosystem. Just like maidsafe they are also doing heavy r&d in this space for a very long time and when blockchain came along, they decided to use it to solve one of the many issues they are trying to solve. Elastos is a very legit project and I look forward to see if they can pull it off.

One thing I really like about elastos is, the dapps will run on the device itself - not on the blockchain like all other project. Their runtime/VM is compatible with most of the popular platforms and within the runtime all apps and services will be totally isolated from internet/clearnet. That way it’ll be secure and also scalable because the apps will NOT run on the blockchain. Blockchain will be used to verify IDs only. This is quite different compared to all the other projects where everything is running on blockchain and it’s slow as hell (or not scalable). They also partnered with a HW company and delivered some hundred thousands of TV boxes with Elastos runtime installed within. That way they are also trying hard to penetrate the market. I think the tech is legit and if they can deliver what promised then it has a good shot to be one of the popular decentralized services out there.

This is a good interview:
He seems like a nice humble guy who knows what he is doing and driven by passion just like folks here at maidsafe team.


Great, thanks for the info and links.

What I don’t understand is how you can run a dapp locally? I thought a dapp by definition needs to run on a decentralised system. What you described sounds like if the person running the machine with the dapp was to turn it off, the dapp would stop running? If I had a basic smart contract that sends money locked up until a specific date in the future, how is it going to execute if the machine is not on?

Also, why are they selling these TV boxes? Why not just let people download the operation system and run it on computers / VM’S?

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I didn’t take a deep dive into how their autonomous network works. It’s quite complicated. So I am not sure about all the technical details yet. The VM will also be available for download after beta launch. I think you can also download it from their github repo but it’s not 100% bug free yet.

I am not sure why they decided to go with TV boxes. Maybe it’s because the network isn’t ready yet and the consumer will have zero idea whats powering the box. They can remotely push updates and turn on mining when the network is ready. It’s also good for mining because most of the time TV boxes will be idle but powered on. I learned about elastos about 2 weeks ago. So far I am impressed by what I am seeing. I’m especially thrilled because their beta launch is in Q1 and full launch is in late summer. It’ll be interesting to see how it’s accepted by the dev community and if it’s goes viral then it’ll be one of the earliest autonomous/decentralized network out there.

With the greatest respect mate, I would advise not promoting or investing Elastos until you understand them technicals better. It’s all very exciting that a project is selling hardware, talks of a near beta, dapps running locally, creating fancy promotion videos, etc… But understanding how they do them things is very important. Yes, I don’t understand everything about SAFE, but I understand it enough to be able to describe which consensus mechanism they will use, how farmers will work, how Safecoin will work, why they can’t use a blockchain, how each team is working on different areas, etc. I like the look of Elastos, but until I understand them technicals clearly enough, I couldn’t say to anyone that I believe it is a serious project. For all I know it could be just an elaborate Substratum or Skycoin.

I’m very happy more projects are trying to solve the issues of the internet, but I’m yet to see a project as advanced and promising as SAFE.

I will look further into Elastos though.

I’m not investing yet. All I’m saying that it doesn’t look like another scamy project like substratum :slight_smile: I think it’s the overall consensus on this project by the crypto community. It’s definitely a serious project like maidsafe. It takes time to understand all the underlying tech. Their technical documents are not easy to consume. However the code is open source and there are devs in youtube creating tech video on how to devolop on elastos. It has all the signs of a serious tech project.

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That’s great to hear. If you are going to spend some serious time learning about it, please revisit this post in the future to share your new found wisdom. I’d be very interested to hear it.

So what is progress over year of Elastos ?

I was just reading the medium article linked in this thread and I found something funny:

lol so much for a decentralized network operating system.


I see this all the time, it is exhausting, nature shows us it works, our supreme intelligence denies that, until now :wink: