Veilid p2p application framework

Veilid was launched this week at defcon. Has anyone looked under the hood because it sounds like magic, for example:

If an app on one device connects to an app on another via Veilid, it shouldn’t be possible for either client to know the other’s IP address or location from that connectivity, which is good for privacy, for instance. The app makers can’t get that info, either. Ref: Cult of the Dead Cow releases Veilid: A secure open-source Peer-to-Peer network for apps that flips off the surveillance economy - Danie van der Merwe -

Any TL;DR on how they achieve that? Seems relevant to discussions on this week’s update topic about anonymity, cc @dirvine


I was looking at this earlier today. Very interesting

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Every Veilid app is also a node - no special nodes. (cc @JPL)


Fingers crossed, the era of decentralization is upon us! :fireworks: :partying_face:

Whoever is responsible for maintaining the new Veilid framework should probably mention somewhere that the package repositories involve a > 1.3 GB download.

Ref: BrianKrebs: "Whoever is responsible for maintaining the new Ve…" - Infosec Exchange