VAXXED: the ABC News interview that Big Pharma didn't want you to see

First ever article pulled from Huffington Post


@chrisfostertv awesome thank you!!!


Well Huff post has been purchased of sht AOL- AOL right down to its initial concept was pure corporate criminal.

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Awesome tool. According to the chart it looks like I have it backwards. TW bought and then possibly spun off AOL as a tiny fraction of its former self without the funds to buy much? That light bulb kept flickering as they kept still refering to Arriana.

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All we have to do is refer people to Japan. A country more hard core about vaccines than any other that recently dropped them alltogether. Japan apparently doesn’t do sponsored medicine. What is happening here is a cover up because phatmaceutical industry profit will not survive. Which would be great even from an innovation standpoint. They want to go overkill because of it. Sanders has even suggested the elumination of pharma profit through eliminating drug patents. We don’t have to make people super rich to fund innovation. Its a bs industry with a history of massive failures, suppression, fraud and censorship. N ote the robber baron roots when drugs deemed rarified oil. Same mentalitt.