Vaults Explanation Video


The latest explanation videos on vaults (overview)


Nice vid! And a Scotswoman voice is let’s just say, easy on the ears.


Shona, this is truly delightful. Well done to you and all who pitched in. It really puts it across in a way that most everyone can get what’s going on in the network.

Looking forward to all the rest I’m sure is in the mill. :sunny:


Really great. I’m digging the design consistency as well.


I salute you Ben, Nick and Shona… I love the way these vids are done… Animated (creative) and that “voice” marvelous.

I don’t wanna sound retarded here, but Maidsafe should also be on Vimeo…
Matter of fact Maidsafe should be on all video channels out there exposure, Exposure, EXPOSURE…

Please name your boring internet vid site that you want Maidsafe on… There is probably not sucha thing that you upload your vid and that it gets distributed on all video site…

Yeah I know Shona I start on the rest of the transcripts ASAP