Vault questions and concerns

I wasn’t sure what to title this. Ok when I’ve run a vault on my desktop during this testnet (5) I’d get mostly get requests and successes. So it would be like 500/500/1 in a day or something. No puts and no posts. Now on my laptop it’s quite different.

Now it looks more like this:

INFO 22:15:41.648613087 [routing::stats] Stats - User (Request/Success/Failure) - Get: 1757/1213/544, Put: 14/14/0, Post: 32/32/0, Delete: 0/0/0, GetAccountInfo: 0/0/0, Refresh: 1759

I’ve never had that many puts or posts ever! What do puts and posts even mean in terms of running a vault? I mean I know what a put is on the network, it’s when you upload a chunk. But what’s the context here?

And why the change in pattern?

Also I’ve noticed my laptop is getting noticably warm. I’ve made a point to keep it well ventilated but I thought I’d note it in case someone else had a similar hardware issue. We don’t want farming to fry any processors.