Vanlife is awesome

LOL!!! @whiteoutmashups has been living in a van for as long as I can remember. You know nothing… :smirk:

Everything after that was condescension. :pensive:

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Oops! Yes I made a mistake right there, assuming something based on things I see in my neighborhood. But apart from that, the point about solar panels not being an option for many people remains the same.

I absolutely disagree. It was the most honest brainstorm I had in a while.

Interesting points.

I don’t agree, at least initially. I think we early adopters are quite the oppposite of future average users and most of us probably have multiple drives too full to even


Yep! Van life. Skip the distractions, lets you focus on your work & required travel :slight_smile:

Plus it’s crazy cost efficient!


Interesting concept! Pros and cons. I sure apreciate ways to safe money. On the other hand, I like apartments and I would probably buy/rent one with the money I save from not having one. :stuck_out_tongue:

In The Netherlands living in a van is very limited concerning legal locations to park the van and sleep. I’m guessing this is one of the few instances in which the US is more free. Might have something to do with the average population density, 450/km² vs 30/km² iirc.

Now I’m not from the States, but I don’t think you can just park anywhere and live there out of your van. I saw a documentary a while back that showed a lot of people in the US actually live in their cars because of foreclosures during the “financial crisis”. From what I saw there is that you need to park in designated spaces for the night. Now I’m sure you can get away with parking your car in places outside of a city, but even there I don’t think you can just stay without being noticed and people eventually reporting you to the authorities.

I can see how you save a lot of money when you live in a van, but you also miss a lot of the comforts that you get in an apartment (bed, toilet, shower, etc). I’m sure there’s a solution to every problem (public bathroom, etc) but especially when you have a family (kids) I can’t imagine anyone choosing to live in a van over an apartment. Assuming of course it’s a “normal” apartment in a “normal” neighbourhood.

I know a lot who do, but they live as two communities nearby. It’s beautful there and a very engaged life. I like it.

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I paid $1,150 total for my van (CL) and it’s lasted almost 3 years no repairs, let me know where to buy an apartment for that price and I’ll drive there right now!! :smiley:

I gotta totally argue that, There’s sooooo many places!! USA is so huge, and it’s the land of the crazy ginormous oversized parking lots. You see huge busses and RV’s parked at Walmart’s, malls, all over! So I’ve never had trouble with my little van :slight_smile:

But lol this is a safenet forum, not a vanlife one :slight_smile:

I think you misunderstood me.

“I would probably buy/rent [an apartment] with the money I save from not having [an apartment]”.


Now I’m wayyy more confused?

I meant that I like to safe money for using it on other things. However, if I had money but no apartment, I would get an apartment. So getting rid of my apartment for the purpose of saving money would defeat the purpose.

The money you save is considerable though. Only $1,150 for a van that lasts 3 years already? That’s a steal. I think you made a lucky purchase.

It’s an interesting concept. The convenience you give up is considerable too though. The topic can be discussed but not really in the sense where a discussion has a winner and a loser. Different people have different wishes.

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There’s so many just like it on Craigslist. I just got lucky with the mileage (89k) but the ford e250/350 is a super reliable van, goes for 200k-500k miles if you take care of it. That’s why companies always use it for commercial uses

…and you see them going for $1k range on Craigslist all the time because they’re not super pretty / flashy etc.

So anyone can do it! :smiley: I’m nothing special

Do you live in a van how cool ! I have a house in The Netherlands, but i was thinking about buying a Van as soon as i finish my education Software Engineer. Would travel to France, Spain to Surf and enjoy more time. Instead of the normal route. Office>House>School.

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Lol and here’s me telling the wife I won’t consider any motorhome for the family holidays unless it has a shower, kitchen and loo.

Having a dog means the only way we can do any long holidays is by taking him with us. Caravan/motorhome holidays around europe I guess.

Don’t know how you manage long-term in a van without being able to cook proper meals, never mind not having a proper bath or poo’ing in peace!

Staying in a van for more than a few months sounds pretty hardcore to me :cold_sweat: I suspect you need a proper home-cooked meal. :wink:

/nuff respect

Well I’m vegan (a no cooking type) and $15/mo gym membership for daily showers & poos :slight_smile:

It’s worth it to me right now, to save up and travel


It would save me $1500 a month , that i would be able to buy maidsafe for, just by taking a Van.

Also a big chance my wife would leave me saves me another $1500 a month


Tonight isn’t the best night for vanlife :stuck_out_tongue: (cat 4 hurricane) so signed into the local high school shelter program for the night

But before I left my van out there, I turned off all my panels…

…and made my bed!

Say goodbye to the housemobile for tonight!


Hope all is well @whiteoutmashups!


Yea man, how is it? I just read the news and it sounded very dangerous :scream:

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It’s fine thx guys ,…,