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“Given Sir Tim Berners-Lee’s oft-stated worries about internet privacy you’d have to wonder whether he’d do things differently if he had his time over again. David Irvine, CEO of “the oldest startup in the world”, MaidSafe, is sure that he would.”


This is two news reports on Safe today, is this not a little early to be announcing to the world?

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I guess they’re hoping to see some external Devs jumping on that API.

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From the article: “Read a Q&A with MaidSafe’s Irvine and Lambert over at our sister site The Inquirer”

The Inquirer is the other source that had an article online today. I guess it has been one interview with maybe two different journalists :slight_smile: . And a bit of publicity won’t hurt I think, if there are people who haven’t got a clue what to do with it they’ll end up here and we can help them.


Same journalist, but as we roll out there will be more for sure. Slow and steady but with just enough pace and pressure to keep us moving as fast as we can, but with care and attention.


The Dutch Pirate party is all in favor of privacy, security and freedom. I’ve tweeted them the article and asked if they already heard about SAFE. While I was having diner @Melvin notified me of the fact that they re-tweeted the article to their followers. They’re not in the Dutch parlement or so, but hey; First political tweet about SAFE ;-).


Well done dude. That’s exactly the kind of little thing we all need to be doing soon. Good work!

My fingers are itching to knock out some tweets, posts and emails.

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