Using VPNs with Safe Network

Just having a play around with the Test 18 environment, I use a VPN service and was wondering if this creates any issues with using the Safe Browser?

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I am playing around the Test 18 too, but i don’t have web hosting manager working. Do you have any issue?

VPN is no problem, as long as you update your IP at this invite link.


I’ve used VPN with previous test networks and also ran a vault through VPN during one of the vault tests and that worked just fine. Like @polpolrene says you will need to update your IP if you switch from non-VPN to VPN.


I was able to upload some random files to safe://music.ken and safe://video.ken and also tried a very simple HTML file to safe://home.ken but can’t seem to access it in the browser.
I just need to have another play around because I’m sure I’ve done something wrong.

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