Using the Safe Playground

My main question is can full development of web apps be done inside the Safe playground? If so or if not what is the full potential using the playground, such as debugging? I’ll tag @hunterlester here as he is to thank for the playground.


I haven’t done anything with it beyond load it myself (due to a system issue), but my understanding is that it is a learning aid, a way of trying each API function live, which means stringing them together one after another because one depends on information obtained from another and so on.

It isn’t an IDE then, but a place to try things out if you want to understand part of the API (or all of it :slight_smile:), so kind of live tutorial. But to build an application you would take your knowledge and build it separately. At most that’s my understanding!


@happybeing has it right. The playground is a learning aid and full development of web apps isn’t possible within the playground.

However, it is an example itself of some very basic tools that can be used to develop a web app.

Check out this web developer starter: