Using the "Categories" as the forum landing page

While browsing another website using the same forum application as ours, I noticed that it was using the “Categories” page as a landing page, instead of the “Latest”, as ours is configured now.

Though I am used to the “Latest” view and find it really helpful for regular members, it could look a bit intimidating as there is no apparent hierarchy to the topics. I find the other one more appealing for people stumbling for the first time here:

There is a list of the categories on the left which is ranked by the number of topics per week. The topic descriptions are really good for understanding how the project is organized. And on the right there is a short list of latest topics being discussed.

What would you think about changing the landing page to this one ? Of course regular users would be able to update their bookmark to the “Latest” page to keep the display as now.


We’d need to check in other devices too - not just desktop. Interesting idea, not sure myself.

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Just change your preferences and you can have it now

Go to your preferences and select “Interface” and choose “Categories” on the “default home page” list


Indeed, but I was proposing this change not for me, as I come here so often that I prefer “Latest” page, but for new comers, for whom I thought the other page would be more informative and appealing.

I don’t think we can change that. Maybe @frabrunelle knows if it can be changed as the default for new users.

Personally I find it confronting to see the categories lists rather than the latest.

phpbb does it differently again by listing the “front page” categories down the page and under each category it has the latest one or few posts.

The link I put in the first message indicates it should be possible.

But first of course it needs to be demonstrated that this change would be better than the current view. I think it is, for the reasons I mentioned already :slight_smile: but the case can be made against it for sure.

By the way @happybeing here is for your info the Categories view on mobile: we have the latest messages in each category. It seems possible for an admin to configure the order of the categories, so that for example the “Beginners” category would appear in the first position.