Using serverside programming in maidsafe

I looked at a few tutorials, and I saw that the website builder had an html option. Html is all fine and good, but how would you make a fully interactive modern website? How would you implement server side stuff like databases for logins ect? I have looked and not found an answer, so thats why I’m asking. Sorry if I skimmed over it.


For web programming you got css, html, and javascript (there are probably is more). For databases SAFE will use something called structured data. I don’t fully understand it myself yet but you can find some documentation on it from the MaidSafe github.


I was speaking of using a programming language like PHP or Perl.
How would you make a forum or some web app like reddit using maidsafe? Would there be SAFE specific calls to certain server functions, or would I be able to use a web app I have already made with little or no modifications?

There will be no server-side scripting available to run on SAFE since there are no servers. So php, perl and the like are out the window. This had been discussed in this thread, again take note of StructuredData (SD).


Sorry, thanks for the link

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No problem, I’m trying to understand it myself!

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There will be nowhere to run code that is traditionally run in the server such as php, except on the client, so we have to develop new ways of doing things.

Some features of SAFE API can help a bit, such as the REST style interface which gives simple but very powerful key/value store functionality (like NoSQL). And Structured Data helps too as @Infining said, though I don’t understand this either yet!

But I’m pretty sure that doesn’t go near far enough, so I have been thinking about this for the SAFEpress App project, which aims to help people build dynamic websites that run directly off SAFEnetwork.

My very early thoughts can be found on github in the Outline Design and a detailed proposal in the following RFC: SAFE browser plugin URL handling / dynamic HTML on client side.

More than that, I can’t add, but happy to answer questions about those ideas and to hear any suggestions you might have too. All input is welcome because nobody knows how to do this yet! Please follow up anything to do with the docs I mentioned via the SAFEpress google group rather than here.


@Infining I just added a new task in case you’re interested, take a look at this:

Thanks @19eddyjohn75 for sending us this:

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I think anyone should be able to see this if you navigate to it though: it’s one of the To Do cards under Prototyping & Design. Start here: Trello

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Really good question here.

Seems very encouraging. Like I previously said, it is like Christmas every day lately.


For everyone who has been disappointed with visiting the SAFEpress Trello board, my apologies. We didn’t realise that the boards had been set up as “Private” or viewable by “Team only”. They are now all “Public”.

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