Using SAFE to get rid of Political Capital

The turn of phrase “political capital” is particularly ugly because political money implies that money and power should be accepted as being the same thing. And political capital is part of the puppet ideology that has installed puppets to make the phony ‘hard decisions’ in response to phony crises to advance the agenda of a parasitic .001%. These hostile actions against the population are made much more feasible by the surveillance state, so that a puppet would know about 100 million people ready to rise up in total rejection and have some recourse.

By contrast under SAFE with 7 billion people living in perfect anonymity and privacy the puppet understandably feels a loaded gun pressed to the back of his head and this makes it much much harder to carry forward by 1 millimeter the agenda of the .001% without risking the imprisonment and forfeiture of wealth of that group. As a result it dies off. This is akin to the reason why right winger William F. Buckley feared a middle class and wanted to get rid of it.

This is one way SAFE will contribute to a more stable, just and equitable world.