User run network based on test 12b binaries


^^^^^^^^^^ What that guy said ^^^^^^^^^^

anything big uploaded will screw this


it wasn’t me :innocent: :joy:


Well done! :smiley:

safe://hello is up, if you need to check for data loss later.


I feel like I’m missing something. Do I need run something first before safe-launcher? I still can’t connect…


try again - we fell short on one node a few minutes back - now it’s back online again

and don’t forget to change the network name in the config-file

except from that edits it should be just click&run


err - that was me - idiot closed the wrong terminal window


If it was literally a few minutes ago, it did no damage safe://hello still there.


xD no worries … i killed my node with 9GBs of stored data accidentally yesterday xD

ps: safe://hello and safe:// still online
pps: oh and then it really wasn’t my fault :smiley: … i started uploading a directory exactly the moment the network went down xD …


well I certainly can’t connect. :confused:

Gonna re-download the safe launcher, and untar it.


Did you ever get 12b working?.. I wonder you’ve got port forwarding hump to get over. Open 5483 and 5484 and also forward those ports from router… or uPnP.


me too yesterday.
Now I do: nohup ./safe_vault&
-> nohup to ‘disconnect’ from terminal and ‘&’ to start in background.
To see output: tail -f nohup.out
and ctrl+c to get back to the terminal
To stop: killall safe_vault


you mean for clients …?

aaah - thanks for the tip with the output @draw - that was the reason why i didn’t start it via nohup Oo (me == n00b)


yes - was reply to Grizmoblust re launcher

screen is a better option?
screen and then CTRL-A then D to exit (detach) screen
screen -r to resume.


hmmmm - that doesn’t sound bad too :open_mouth: i will try both soon :slight_smile: thx


I also use screen (alternative: tmux).
But using screen is more difficult I think, if you never used it.
With ‘&’, like detaching screen, you could also disconnect the ssh connection while save_vault keeps on running.
And if you are in the ‘save_vault’-window in screen, you could still stop it accidently.


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It is port forward from router. Still not able to connect?


how does your launcher config file look like?
you really shouldn’t have to open ports for a client to connect (i didn’t and i’m connected)


I know. But I might well give it a try to see if it did work.


okay - i hoped for a typo somewhere - 100% my config file that works <<< you got your launcher there?