User run network based on test 12b binaries


I’ll try to restart mine then, network name : community_network_12_b


Can everyone who is running a higher speed node on the user network please respond with their IP address.

The config file for the vault needs updating.

Also someone on the seed node list is not running on the user network (network name is different)


removed to avoid confusion - sorry


Are we able to change the default folder in which the vault data is stored? I see that in safe_vault.vault there is a “chunk_store_root” value that is currently listed as null; are we able to edit this to change the storage drive. If so, how would I list, for example, H:\vaultdata?


That is my IP address


Dunno - I do know on linux the chunks are stored in /tmp but I am unsure where this is specified.

I had expected it to be in safe_vault.vault_config

Seems to me this should be one of the main user-configurable variables.


When a node is down the others nodes must copy the data. Now the Vault CPU is almost 0 but when michaelsproul and nice are down my CPU rise to almost 40%.

And my Vault is near 14GB. and the table size is 5. I think this test comes to an end.


Sorry - very similar to one of myinstance addresses - I have just had a big family dinner, several good malts and a wee snooze - I am not at my most alert :slight_smile:


You can add to the list of IPs on the community_ network.


Edit your previous post so others don’t remove it please :slight_smile:

Also have you started your other vaults again? IP addresses?

Mine won’t start with too few in routing table for the proxy

#211 is trying to start. If that comes up OK I’ll fire up the other one.


is there anyone up ? It seems I find nobody


Only 1 fairly slow node I think

INFO 00:05:45.217871743 [routing::states::node] Node(e00ed2..()) 0/1 resource proof response(s) complete, 27% of data sent. 230/410 seconds remaining.


you can add “”, to hard coded contacts.
@neo It might be helpful to add the current network name to the topic title.


We are going to let this die for now and tomorrow around 01:00 UTC start up in a coordinated fashion.


We didn’t have the numbers to try again this morning so we are leaving it till Monday evening

Big thanks to @neo @nice and all others who tried to get another testnet for vaults running.
We need to plan this properly with 8 high speed nodes kicking off and the freebie cloud instances coming in later.

Stand by to try get a community vault testnet based on 12_b up again tomorrow, starting around 1800UTC


i’ll wait til later… any idea roughly when uk time?



@southside wants to start about 1800 UTC which is UK time I think


Yes indeed.
I’d like to get as many IP addresses in from potential players so we can get a config file together.
It would probably be best if we can get someone who is NOT an an AWS free tier or a DO droplet with a good fast symmetric connection to kick off with the -f option as this node will presumably take quite a hammering on start-up.


Sorry for the spam, if any of you still have the log files from test-12b, can you please check this thread and see if you get a match please. Just to help debug one of the issues from test-12b