User run network based on test 12b binaries

We have started a user run network based on test 12b binaries

To join the network as a node you will need to change the vault crust config file to this

  "hard_coded_contacts": [
  "bootstrap_whitelisted_ips": [],
  "tcp_acceptor_port": 5483,
  "service_discovery_port": null,
  "bootstrap_cache_name": null,
  "network_name": "community_network_12_b"

Ensure you ONLY change the values in hard_coded_contacts and the network_name fields to what is shown above.

If you can keep your vault running 24/7 then I will add it to the “seed” nodes above

The launcher config file will also require the above changes so the launcher can connect to the network

Currently my node is using the free tier instance (VM) that aws provides for 1 year so that their services can be tested.

Here are the download links for Test 12b that are being used for this user run network:

Make the above changes after unpacking the files

IP Addresses starting with are non routable addresses used for NAT etc, so I cannot have then in the config file


Tell us the IP address:port for your node if you can keep it running all the time so I can add it to the above list.

I’d say we need 20 “seed” nodes to make everything smooth.

Happy SAFEing everyone.

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I dont have the speed to be a node but would like to upload files. I’ve found the launcher config file but have nothing to open it with on a mac… any suggestions? :grin:

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TextEdit should work (and it comes pre-installed)


Does this look right? cant connect?

Seems like the tcp_acceptor_port should be null, not 5483 for the launcher config file

Did you change it? or was it like that when you downloaded it?

Also I just looked at the log file and it is complaining about the network not being large enough yet

“Proxy needs a larger routing table to accept clients”

So I guess we need more people to run nodes before we can consider the network usable. Which is reasonable enough when you consider you want a secure network before uploading data/files

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I changed it. :laughing:

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And is not easier to continue with the current test? It still works very well.

Yes it would. But I thought

Meant maidsafe took down their seed nodes.


Yes, I forgot the seed nodes.

Pity, now is working better than ever. I just uploaded 363MB. Total upload speed 172KB/seg. Download Speed About 500KB/seg.


Have a look at your crust cache file and maybe we can create a seed list from that

EDIT: I just tried the launcher using the original config fike and can still connect so that it seems that the seed nodes must still be running - but for how long?

Seems that Test12B is finish. Launcher can’t connect.

I try with your network.

Yes the nodes are down now. Those two bugs are serious enough that they possibly cannot be repaired by the network itself. So we do need to close them out. I hope it’s not long till we see another iteration, but it’s in parallel with some pretty big work as well. We also so not want to annoy the community with to many iterations either, so a fine balance. At least we are showing the network works in terms of the big picture, but need to clean up a few small parts for stability.

Thanks again though


@dirvine, do you know how many nodes are needed before the proxies have enough entries in their routing table. Even if you know how many nodes in the routing table before the proxy will allow connections to pass through

The launcher will not connect with the error “not enough nodes in routing table”

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You will need at least 8 IIRC. So enough to create a minimum section.


There are 7 nodes left :-). Still fully functional network even most data are lost ;-).
You may connect to this IP:port

Just edit for Launcher.crust.config for Launcher. Not sure how long the owner of this node will keep the node online.

EDIT. Removed node’s IP address as network is not functional any more. My guess too few nodes left (5 total). Trying to add more vaults getting message:

[routing::states::bootstrapping] Bootstrapping(e38fab…) Connection failed: Proxy node needs a larger routing table to accept clients.

Which network is that. This topic really is for the user run one. Just don’t want confusion over which network thats all

this is what is left from 12b network :slight_smile:

“network_name”: “test_network_12_b”

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@neo, I try to connect several times with the new network but the the resource proof fail. I have 300/300Mb. connexion so I don’t think is my fault.