Use SAFE on mobile! 📱 (easy guide)

Wanted to start a topic that can get all the info for mobile in one place, easily for people.

I seem to have skimmed the updates a little too lightly for the past few weeks and missed a few of the previous mobile apps, so if you all help me fill in this list, it will help not only me, but simplify it for others too, I hope :slight_smile:

Here’s a list of SAFE Apps for mobile!:

  • Authenticator (required) (Android) (iPhone)
  • Mobile Messenger POC (Android) (iPhone)
  • Mobile “Hosting” Uploader (links?)
  • Mobile Browser (links?)
  • etc (others?)

Enjoy! Mobile is huge for SAFE :slight_smile:

Enjoy these apps and then learn how to code on your own below so you can contribute to saving the universe along with the rest of us! :computer: :earth_americas:

(Made this a Wiki so people can add / fix links)


For anyone trying to build and launch the authenticator or mobile messenger POC app on their iPhone here are the steps

  1. Install Xcode.

  2. You will need to install VisualStudio on your Mac.

  3. Create free provisioning to run Xamarin.iOS apps on your device.

  • This Does not require you to be a part of the Apple Developer Program
  • Includes creating a signing identity and a provisioning profile

If you have any queries feel free to let us know.


I wanted to clarify, I kind of made this post when I thought more mobile apps were available on SAFE. But it was my misunderstanding, that MaidSafe cleared up here:

But this thread is still an easy way for anyone to get up and running with the 2 available apps: Authenticator and Messenger.

Just don’t expect any new ones, at least right away; that was my bad :stuck_out_tongue:

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