Use Periscope for SAFE!

Hey guys I just found this new app called periscope (owned by twitter now) and it’s awesome!!

It let’s you do a live video feed of yourself while people around the world can log in and type comments to you that you can talk about etc.

Just a live video broadcast of yourself.

Thought it could be great fun for our community! Some people who I’d definitely log in to see / ask things to in it inside:

  • MaidSafe team! They can broadcast for just like 20min or so from Troon!!
  • mods! @happybeing See his boat! :smiley: @fergish n TX! Etc
  • community members! (this will include Mr @BenMS soon! he can talk about / advertise the Berlin Pod, and even do a weekly one to keep in touch with prospective members and global followers)
  • maybe Me and @dallyshalla Daniel here in SF! Show off our pod, take live questions, and show what we’ve been working on!
  • Mr @we_advance who always hosts talks anyway!

Let’s broadcast so we can strengthen our community and our project marketing!!

It’s a new app, and it’s run by twitter so it’s not going anywhere and has full twitter integration and it’s still new and exciting so lots of audience ppl are on it and you can have lots of people watching your broadcast even within the first 5min of it

I am sorry, but this app is not like one big NSA spy camera, It looks like from the cover it has google map marking the locations.

Bro do you know about

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Anyone still want to do a stream? :smiley:

I think you can also stream from facebook, I haven’t tried it but saw some friends doing it.

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