USB nvme, external with enclosure... what file system to use

OK… so, I’ve got a 1 TB nvme in an external case.
It is amazing. So far, formatted to ntfs because I want to store large files and access the drive from my raspberry pi and my windows machine…

oh, but wait my mac doesn’t read write to ntfs.

Is there a format that mac, linux and windows read that can store large files.

I would love to have ext4 on this thing, and use that accross multiple machines.


any ideas?

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Which one did you get? Link please.


Works very well.

When I say work well… I had to…

  1. use disk part in win10 cmd line to ‘clean’ the drive.

  2. Then use gparted in raspberry pi to format to ntfs

Trying to format it to ntfs in disk part it kept getting stuck at 0%

… But after all the above it works great on win10 and raspberry pi.

nad you need to install the ntfs library on raspberry pi to read write to the drive.


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I went with a gpt partition with udf formatting on the external drive.
RW from windows and linux, but also preserves linux owner and permission information.

Mac… will only accept a usb drive that is completey formated as UDF.

Why hasn’t this all been sorted out? :woozy_face: