[USA] Bittrex closing.. other recommendations?

Bittrex is ceasing operations in the United states on April 30, 2023

What other exchanges are USA based folks here using?
I’m looking for alternatives that offer business/institutional accounts, US based.

Please recategorize if I’m in the wrong category here.

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You realise bittrex US doesnt support maid?

Yes, as far as I know, there a no US exchanges for maid.

I’m a paper HOLD for the maid I have, but have little other stuff in Bittrex that has to go somewhere else…I used them mostly for fiat exchange at the time I purchased.

Bittrex has not supported MAID for US citizens for many years. That’s why the addition of eMAID which can be traded on DEX like Uniswap is a great first choice. Not much has changed tbh since that news. Plenty of other CEX for US citizens to obtain BTC, ETH, etc.


I’ll have to read up on eMaid, i’ve not followed very closely.
I may skip a CEX for now and just paper what I have.

I mean, if you are just looking for some US central exchanges, Coinbase and Kraken are the obvious choices.

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