US Tax Lawyers and CPAs of SAFE, how do I minimize taxes when selling MAID?

I was fortunate enough to buy in relatively early to Apple, Facebook and more recently Alibaba. I realize people want to take a little money off the table for a variety of reasons but this feels like if executed correctly, this could be a runaway train much like those so either people should be moving to tax havens or staying put. If you have 25k maid, think about all the potential you will cost yourself by selling off 10-20%. Just my two cents.

I believe in the project, but upending my life to move to Puerto Rico is on a whole other level. If the coins hit $100 and momentum is clearly taking it to $1000, then I would consider it.

While I agree with you, somewhat, that could take years, probably even decades. Governments are not going to do easily give up their power and there will be pushback. In the meantime, I still need cash, and the things it buys. If I can take a percentage of my earnings, and outright buy a nice house and a good deal of land by turning it into USD, I’m going to do that. I’ll hold the rest of my coins for as long as I can. That’s really my goal. No debt, a nice house, a lot of land, everything else is gravy.

I understand the sentiment, but I also don’t want to be that person that forever waits to enjoy my investments. I’m not one to look back and wish upon what could have been. I used to have ~30 BTC back in the early days. I thought it was just a fun distraction and bought pizza with it (Domino’s used to accept it). It was worth about $150 back then, and at peak I could have sold them for $600,000. Unfortunate, but I made a fair trade at the time I had them, and enjoyed my pizza, so I don’t harp on the lost potential. I’m not obsessed with money, or have any great desire to be rich. I just want an uncomplicated life with a nice house, some land to roam, and no debt. If I can get that from this project, and nothing else,I would be happy, even if I could have saved for another decade and had $20M.


If you move when it hits $100 you will not benefit from it.
You are saying that you prefer to be fully taxed for the 21,639% capital gain, and just getting tax free of the remaining 900%
Also the likelihood of hitting the lower $100 is higher than hitting $1000.

Btw if you “clearly see the momentum” to a specific price point, then please let me borrow your crystal ball…

I think if things move in the appropriate direction $100 is just a start and $1000 over time is not absurd at all. My feelings come not from being personally wealthy and what I can buy for myself but rather what good I can do in a philanthropic sense with that amount of money, so it makes me want to push the envelope. Hopefully if this all becomes reality everyone does both good for themselves and others along the road.

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The jump from now to $100, I would have ~$2.5M. The jump from $2.5M->$25M would be a much bigger tax hit.

“While I agree with you, somewhat, that could take years, probably even decades. Governments are not going to do easily give up their power and there will be pushback.”

I don’t think decades. Already politician accepting Bitcoin donations. We are soon the new 1%. Where do you think the new rich will donate? Our new buying power will literally replace the politicians we don’t want with the ones that sing the best song for us. It’s all in the making…we will vote with our money just like greedy currupt bankers have done to keep people in the dark for decades. Their time is up


It may be the beginning for a technocracy.
I have mixed feelings about that.

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Actually, you would still have tax benefits for the first $100 jump, but only if you live in PR for 10 years.
So the 20% federal capital gains tax (+state +local tax, if you have them) would turn into a flat 5% if you cash out after 10 years of being a PR resident.

And whatever that accrued while being a PR resident would be tax free until the year 2035.

Just keep in mind if we get there :wink:

I’d love to get into a political discussion. There is so much happening behind the scenes right now…really amazing stuff…bigger than anyone can possibly imagine. It’s out there if people dig for it and put their biases aside/see through the propaganda of the media, but it’s sort of at the point where most people simply won’t believe it until the coming drops of information are given to the public. When sentiment changes, I’ll be happy to get into that discussion. It shouldn’t be much longer now…