US Right and Phony Left's War on Addressing Climate Change

Under a follow-the-money benefit analysis its plausible that elements in our state and in the Israeli state have brought us both Iraq wars, the Patriot Act, 911, Al-Qaida and now San Bernardino and brand new attempts to link Iran to Al-Qaida. Also, that elements in our government and Saudia Arabia have brought us ISIS. This imperialist agenda would be made possible by a sponsorship or censorship based media with the narrative that we are dependent on oil. Note how that narrative is diametrically opposed to addressing climate change and climate stability.

Plausibly, anything that counters this oil dependence narrative will be shot down as it would undermine the imperialist regime change agenda. This may be why attempts to divest fossil fuels or even attempts to divest arms and private prisons are met with claims of anti-Semitism.
It’s illogical but it’s one of the strongest condemnations available and it does reflect the US historical charter interest in Israel being at least in part based on proximity to fossil fuels.

This rule by money, sponsored law or law as crime situation is reflected in our Presidential candidates where the present range seems to be an encouraged brand name puppet, a discouraged possible anti puppet, and a would-be puppeteer. The puppet had a lieutenant walk away from her campaign saying she didn’t want to be part of anymore interventionist regime change wars of aggression. The puppeteer is an avowed climate denier. The anti-puppet has blood ties that could limit the damage from being rebuffed. The outgoing President may be trying to protect his legacy in slowing catastrophic regime change by uncorking a legal case against the puppet mid campaign.

The next big stride in regime change will require a 911 part 2 and a Patriot Act 3. How will attempts to address climate change and climate stability fare with this regime change nonsense still ongoing? Since these imperialist regime changes agenda is totally hierarchical and top down it is dependent and bottle necked at the top of the visible hierarchy which is the presidential office but if we as a people don’t push harder it will slip into their hands. Let us also not forget that this regime change nonsense is also just a distraction from our domestic agenda and domestic population being oppressed, divided and conquered by inequity, whereas climate change is a decentralization hardening movement that limits coercion and free people from hand to mouth pay check to pay check depravity and involuntary servitude.