US politics and election 2016

I’ll move some political talk to this topic which showed up in the Pre-Dev update topic…


“My private email server was not running on a testnet” – Crooked Hillary :smiley:


I hope the govt is slow to adopt safe so all the naughty “hackers” can still show the world how corrupt and crooked these megalomaniacs are. And we can archive all the info for public viewing on safe so no one ever forgets :smile:

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If people can’t see how corrupt the US Government is, they must not be paying attention.

I was suckered back into the “democratic process” when I felt there was finally a candidate I could support for President because I believed in them. That turned out horribly…

EDIT:I want to clarify what I said above. I wasn’t referring to you Nigel and I don’t think you thought that but wanted it to be clear to everybody. Plus I changed the world “you” to “people”. :wink:


@upstate I’m ashamed to admit but you and me both buddy. It’s hard to sit back and watch things get worse but if we want to respect ourselves and our freedom of choice when we are left with no choices by the powers that be, we might as well let it burn. That’s how I feel at the moment. I’m struggling to grip with a logical solution, will it always be the same? Most likely.

@Nigel I’ve been using the phrase “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink” a lot lately. People refuse to see the truth even though it’s right in front of their faces because it’d destroy their perception of the world. I don’t think it will always be this way and what gives me hope it won’t be is the SAFE Network. I know the profit motive lead me here but the only reason I’m interested in profit is to help change things for the better and that seems to be the main focus of this project. I want to be the incognito rich guy who lives out of a backpack.

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I’ve never been happier I’m not American. Even from afar, it’s so disappointing. You guys had great promise, but now are left with a crook and a sociopath; it’s a good thing at least the Devil has already left the race :joy_cat:

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Compared to what? :smile:

“Afar,” as in not being personally involved (other than through my many friends over there)

Compared to not the country where I live (I refuse to look at the news) but to the “almost” that turned into a “no.” If only for a few months, it seemed like there was somebody with a chance whose policies you may or may not agreed to, but at least you could see he’s a decent human being with a track record of consistently being honest to the same set of values. Most importantly, though, he wanted to change the system itself. And that chance is now gone. That’s what I said was disappointing.

As a side note, always pick the crook over the sociopath. A crook at least have a moral compass, which he or she may choose to ignore from time to time, but at least there’s a chance; not so with a sociopath.

Side note #2: THANKS FOR THE HARD WORK OF OUR FRIENDLY MOD SQUAD :smiley_cat: @polpolrene

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I really have no idea who you are talking about. It could be anyone or no-one.

Another phrase I’ve use a lot lately is “Stupid Americans!” Yes, I’m American but this country has been dumbed down to the point we have Trump as the Republican candidate for President.

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Well then it’s a game. Let’s focus on consistency; follow the description: pick the candidates one by one, and check if what they said yesterday is the same as what they said N months (or years) ago. Now order them based on their score. It’s a pretty simple exercise.


It literally be anyone that’s being talked about but we’re talking about someone who wanted to change things for mostly the better. Although I’m internally conflicted with the idea of more govt I think this candidate actually gave a crap and could have mobilized enough people in a way that the population could have potentially taken the reigns again. There’s a little extra hint in there @bluebird. Also @polpolrene sincerely sorry for hijacking the pre dev thread with our political talk haha


But it is always that way. Unless you narrow the time frame then I still have no idea.

Were talking about “recent events” and if that isn’t narrow enough, then I’m talking about Bernie.

OK, I wasn’t feigning ignorance: You might have been referring to Barry Sotorro, Paul Ron, Gorge Douche, Klill Binton, or umpteen others. There is always a new saviour waiting in the wings to soothe the crowd’s disappointment with the past one.

I love US politics as you can make money on the fact that people are pissed off.

Now we have our own collective mental breakdown, it is a great way to win some cash. :grinning:

Chaos is cool!

Anyone who still believes that their problems, whether personal or corporate at large, can be solved through elections needs to pay more attention. If voting worked they wouldn’t let you do it!

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