US fights plan for UN control of Internet


We have plans of our own.


Shame to be one of those three countries’s citizen. Hope that is just some political bargain stuff…

US is trying to push sponsorship and all that necessary lie bullshit. Sponsorship and money as rule is the problem that an improved internet needs to solve. This isnt coming up because of the Arab Spring its coming up because the US wants to kill the net by turning it into cable, suppress whistle blowing and doesnt like EU laws to protect privacy.

We need to get maidsafe out so we don’t need to worry about all this beaurocratic nonsense.


From the article:

Russia, China and Saudi Arabia have been among countries seeking such changes.

Obviously, all changes must be related to various ideas on how to improve freedom, privacy and anonymity on the Internet.
But there won’t be any ads, so Warren is willing to support this :wink:


And if we have working search why do we need ads? But very kind of people to remember my humble concerns.

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Search only works if you know what to search for. Marketing is about telling people what you have available and what their options are. Search is for finding something specific you are looking for. If there is some awesome widget I would love but I don’t know it exists how do I search for it?

There is two sides to that. The demand creation side, that sponsorship tries to hide behind to justify its existence has to go away.

Part of the answer is intelligent search will show you what you are looking for and if its a product possibly a better one than you had in mind. An alternative is shoppers will visit level playing field versions of Amazon. But on a working internet with working search, noise is filtered out. Firms cant help themselved to my time or attention? If damages gdp or gwp. thats great because it will yield a more useful economy. If that doesnt work firms can give out samples and try try to climb honest opt in trending.

In my case, I usually just seek out what I personally need, and then I’m good :slight_smile:

I’d rather not be targeted for ads.

I just feel that I know my own needs better than anyone else could :slight_smile: