Has anyone looked into urbit.org. They have huge ambitions too. Anyone here who can point out the technical differences between Maidsafe and Urbit?

More imp, I am very intrigued by their simple message - Urbit is a secure peer-to-peer network of personal servers, built on a clean-slate system software stack. I love the message - Short, brief, impactful.

Maid safe has to develop a message like this. Focus on peer to peer, most secure network to date type properties and come up with a unique, simple and precise statement describing it. It can do this and that and that - will not help.

Maidsafe may be bigger in context but may be able to get some ideas from there too. Again I am a non technical person but may be Vault could be termed as a personal server of sorts. I dont know!

Lastlly, I firmly believe that everything does not need to be on blockchain but blockchain is here to stay in several industries etc. To that end, I also believe that Bitcoin is probably the most decentralized and secure blockchain that will come out more on top in next 2 years. There are a lot of stack development and bitcoin off chain type solutions being worked on. Recognizing that Maidsafe is not a blockchain, some level of portable integration will be helpful. For example: If another firm develops a decentralized identity solution on the Bitcoin protocol or another blockchain and it becomes extremely widely acceptable/popular - Maid safe should be able to use that decentralized identity on its network. It should not be pushing for its own public identity. Open source integration with good technologies/projects will be key to Maidsafe long term success. While leveraging its strenghts.

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Don’t forget SAFE stands for “Secure Access For Everyone”.

I think that’s better than Urbit’s “Urbit is a secure peer-to-peer network of personal servers, built on a clean-slate system software stack”. That’s pretty niche.

No reason we shouldn’t work on a number of pithy phrases that sum up different aspects, or go progressively into more depth or breadth, but I think we already have a great first line and that can be used to provide a good patter [:wink: cough]…

What’s this SAFE thing then?

Well SAFE says it all!


Well, it’s a safe Internet, and that means Secure Access For Everyone.

And from there you go where the interest lies, each word can lead to explanation of different features whether in conversation or articles etc.


Thanks Happybeing. Always nice to hear your opinion.

Can you also shed any light on technical differences between Urbit and MAID? Thx in advance. (I think they have some good ideas that Maidsafe can build upon (and enhance). Or May be Maidsafe is already ahead several fold : )

Would like to get your technical insight though.

Sorry, but there are too many of these lookalike blockchain based schemes for me to look at them enough to be able to comment. I rely on the community to pick things out and summarise then for me :wink:

Interesting read:


I see a big Urbit’s value in that “a single developer can understand the entire project”.


I can relate to a huge part of that. It’s extremely hard to fight day and night, extremely hard to rationalise as you are close to burn out and it’s extremely hard to find folk with the same conviction and vision. It’s not impossible though :wink:

I also agree with the don’t own it or it dies mentality. I wish more understood that part, not only founders but also supporters and critics. When you have the fundamental belief than all you do is for others. You know that, not everyone else does. That is when the more nasty comments or unwarranted “higher than though|” comments become difficult. I can feel like caring for a wounded animal that keeps biting you :smiley:

But a very interesting read indeed. I hope to beat the 17 year mark, but always be involved though. There is so much more to do after SAFE launches. I would do it for 10 lifetimes.