Urbit is a virtual city in the cloud (address space crowdsale)

Urbit just sold 1020 address spaces and raised $209100. Addresses where sold at a fixed price of $256 per star.

So while I’m probably considered the “Kanye West” in this community for even daring to say that Maidsafe should charge for publicID’s, others just move along with a plate of over $200K. :yum:

Here’s an Coindesk article about Urbit.

Icann charges thousands
Urbit charges hundreds
The last I read about this is that our publicID’s, should cost cents. My 2 cents, is that it somehow doesn’t make sense (but in reality, I’m wrong and probably getting carried away as always) :stuck_out_tongue: (btw this is not an attack on @dyamanaka or others, but it seems so twilightzone like, that everything is so dirt cheap.) :scream:

Happy test5


If they do end up only costing a few cents each, we’re going to get a huge domain squatting problem at launch.

I’m all in for domain squatting, because if a fellow community member can get “google” for $2 cents and sell it to Google for $2 M, it all good.

  • “We offer domain squatting” that is actually a brilliant marketing strategy and will be more reason for this “SAFE Network” virus to spread.

If domain squatting becomes the norm I’m quiting my job and do that as a fool time job. :stuck_out_tongue:


The real problem here is that cents don´t mean anything to the network. Imagine you charge 1 Safecoin per domain and then Safecoin gains 10000% value?

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Something like Google would always be worth more than any plausible domain price, but I’m thinking of the hundreds of thousands of people whose first introduction to the SAFE Network would be that all the domains (including the one they would have registered) had been grabbed by automated scripts and were now being held for ransom.


Urbit appears greatly inferior to SAFEnet with regards to privacy, so the success of their name sale is a concrete lower limit on what Maidsafe might raise with a similar campaign.


Just teach me what to do and I’ll join you in this fool’s errand! :grinning:

Actually, if someone was selling individually signed cowpats there would be a market for them if they could somehow work the digital angle in.

Yeah an automated scripts with a auction built in :stuck_out_tongue:

Their tech might be inferior, but how they value their product sure isn’t. Maybe we should be really careful labeling other tech as inferior, they can just use “SAFE Network” libraries and be as secure as us. Even scarier they can use the “SAFE Network” libraries and write history, while we are just sitting on the side line and wonder how that could have happened?

I really doubt if this community wants Maidsafe to launch a similar campaign, as far as I can remember not even 5 people indicated that they wanted that.

The real shocking thing here is that Urbit was not even on the radar (atleast not mine), what if their next round they decide to sell 10000 address spaces? that we’ll be like $2.5 M. Well good job on you Urbit with your so called inferior set up (at the moment). BTW this is not an attack on you @bluebird.

I can’t code so a automated script is out of the question for me, but we could just take publicID’s one by one or have a corrupt community member create a script. :stuck_out_tongue:


Let me fish around and get back to you :slight_smile:

@bluebird would you be interested?

Don’t insult me by insinuating that I’m “corrupt.”

No insult intended! Just one outlaw reaching out to another. :wink:

Only reached out to you first because you are the only techie I know who responded to this thread. I don’t think @Artiscience is a techie (are you?).

@frostbyte are you technical and/or interested?

FYI - I don’t find anything corrupt about a community effort to squat domain names and took @19eddyjohn75’s comment as sacasim.

@Safety1st @bluebird

The “corrupt” part was just a joke.

It’s better to stop this conversation. The OP was just to say, hey look what these folks did, since we’re not doing it :stuck_out_tongue:

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I got the joke but love the idea of building a community effort around squating. If Maidsafe won’t do it why not us?

This unfortunately won’t be a community thing. It will be a rich person, who let somebody create a automated script and start registering dictionary words and famous names. It won’t cost them more than $500K, but they could potentially get millions in return. Millions that could have gone to Maidsafe, so we could have got things rolling faster, but I guess I’m just a dreamer…

I’ve asked Seneca to code up a auction site, but unfortunately he is too busy coding Decorum. I even asked people in the bitcoin community to code it, for me. The minimum cost that I got was $6000 and 6 weeks of coding, I’m not willing to put my money on something like that. If Maidsafe is not behind it and this community simply ignores it. I got better things to do with my money… People think this idea to give Maidsafe money for publicID’s is not worth it.

How much would it cost a group of techies in this community coordinating their efforts?

Never stop dreaming.

I saw a lot of support and excitement for your idea in the moving forward thread so it think this is definitely worth exploring.

Besides the dedicated browser, this is the perfect idea for the CEP IMO. The did say they could help fund more than one proposal.

Supporting ideas is all fun, but I’m more interested in taking action. Ideas are meaningless if they’re not brought into motion. If Maidsafe say they need money, it’s a win win if we could reserve publicID’s in return. If this Urbit thing is not a wake up call, for the people who think I’m out to disrupt the decentralize nature of the SAFE Network with this “let’s pay Maidsafe for publicID’s”.

I don’t mean to sound harsh or cruel here, but our last strategy was to have Maidsafecoins on a Chinese exchange. Honestly since then I haven’t seen the price do much… (this just simply means that not many people know about this great project yet and sound coins gets drowned in the noise of other religious coins (faith based, but no intrinsic value))

I’ll probably get banned from this forum, @nicklambert (sorry that I keep disturbing you) if the Urbit project shows what is possible, couldn’t Maidsafe also start offering publicID’s? Maidsafe deserves the money so you guys can hire other devs/hackers. Although some people act like they’re not interested, as soon as they see publicID’s that they want they’ll pay good money for it. :stuck_out_tongue:


Nick has given us an opportunity to take action through the CEP. I say we start writing a proposal and recruiting technical forum members willing and able to write scripts.

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Just some clarification…

I’m not against Public ID auctions by MaidSafe or domain squatting by Private Individuals. If it works, go for it! See my quote from the Public ID’s thread below.

Special note: I don’t think MaidSafe or MaidSafe Foundation wants to
pre-sell the most popular names. But I’m also not against them doing it
to help themselves and the community by funding future development.

Many Public ID’s will find their way to those who “want” them more. Obviously, those with money will acquire them, unless we go with @bitbybit’s suggestion below.

Therefore, I propose that all current registered domains on clearnet are reserved by maidsafe or other trusted party, and provided to their current owners at their request, without an expiration date and free of charge (or applying a cost based, processing fee structure).

My main focus is on the SAFE Network Economy, not individuals or groups. I want the Network to have very good Safecoin circulation, which encourages a growing economy and benefits all of us. Perhaps the Network could charge a (Public ID ownership change Fee) instead of the extra PUT registration cost. This could fund the Network indefinitely.

As for individual interests, they are free to do what they want. Those motivated by money or charity will start trading when Public ID’s hit the market.