Uploaded my website to SAFENet—it's buggy in safe_browser

Hopefully I’m not missing something obvious. I simply followed through with installation of SAFE Browser and web-hosting-manager on my mac. I followed the web-hosting-manager flow to create a new website, safe://studio.nqn, which would serve the same static site files as my personal website, http://natquaylenelson.com.

What happens when I go to safe://studio.nqn in SAFE Browser is my default normal browser (Firefox) opens and starts opening new tabs for random URLs that are linked from the index.html page of my website. It expands iframes in subpages, etc.

Meanwhile in SAFE Browser everything looks fine and my website is being presented as it should be. What’s up with this?

EDIT: Also to my understanding of how SAFENet will work, shouldn’t uploading my site to the network have costed some SAFECoin? In the network’s alpha state, is uploading files just free?


hmmm - which version of the browser are you using?

when opening your website and comparing it to the one on clearnet you linked :open_mouth: i don’t see a large difference (edit: not to say i don’t see differences except from included clearnet-pictures that are not included in the safe-version)

some external content from clearnet-links content poppes up in my standard browser (so on the first post the picture - and on the index-page the patronbutton … but since thats included clearnet-stuff … strange effects where to be expected i guess :open_mouth: )

yapp will cost safecoin in the released network - for now every account just has a finite amount of free puts and after that you need to request another invite; since we had spam attacks in earlier networks thats a necessary evil …

ps: the just popping up of clearnet-stuff was mentioned by someone else not long ago :slight_smile: there will most certainly be something implemented to prevent those external links to just be opened in the future … =)

pps: reporting all strange effects you recognize on the links in this topic will probably make sense :thinking: SAFE Browser v0.9.0 - Release


Ahhh, you’re right. So if I update the image src url to the safe:// url, images will appear inline, right?

And to clarify one more thing about the Alpha network: are the Vaults all centralized at the moment?


yapp - or if you use relative links that should work on both places i guess

hmhmmm - the vaults are run centrally by maidsafe the company to prevent vault-side attacks (we had those in earlier test networks …) because the network can’t withstand those before node aging and data-chains are in place; but those vaults run a software that is already working in a decentralized manner (we were running vault networks including community vaults too in the past … until the attacks started …); so essentially decentralized storage but all hosted by maidsafe to ensure stability of the alpha network


hello ,
in the current state when the safe browser finds a http link to the clear internet, it calls the regular web browser that is installed on the os to handle the request.
It has been demonstrated that it can used in a very mean way to reveal many things about the safe network user ( see : https://forum.safedev.org/t/future-of-a-safe-browser-and-node-webapis/1086/43 ) . There are many creative ways to hide , or even trigger a click on a malicious http request in a javascript enabled page.

My hope is that when the safe browser finds a http link in the document, it just displays it in plain text. It could propose to copy the link to clipboard when clicked, so its left to the user to choose wether they risk external exposure.

So for now, until a …safe way to ( not ) handle external requests is implemented, it is our duty as site writers to be careful and cure unintentional external requests . Specially when converting a regular clearnet website to safe .
This can include scripts like jquery, fonts, images, media…
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@nice explanation :+1: .

We’ve been debating about this functionality / blocking / warning etc for the next batch of UX updates, so hopefully we’ll be getting this straightened out soon enough.