Upload a "hello world" app on Alpha 2


I am new to Maidsafe, it reminds me my youth when I was just discovering the internet in the 90’s !! :smiley:

I am writing a hello world program in JS, how can I upload it to Alpha 2 ?

Out of curiosity, is there a project for a search engine on the network’s public data ?

Thanks for your help !


Just follow the instructions in the web hosting manager for instance. #######get all the links from the www.maidsafe.net web site for the browser etc. You need to visit invite.maidsafe.net and click the circle to log in and get an invite token and set your IP. To do that you need basic user level on this forum. That’s just an hour reading several topics and posts which I is Ok.


Hello @massiKM !! Welcome to Safe , can’t wait to see what you will publish :slight_smile: Once it is live you may post a link on the Outdated: Alpha 2 Community Websites, Apps & SAFE Messaging IDs - #38 by oetyng thread :slight_smile:


Thanks for your help !

I tried the following simple program :

< html>

< body>

< p>Hello world< /p>

< /body>

< /html>

But I get the following error on the Browser :

Error: -301

NFS error: File not found

Any clues ?

Not enough information. The HTML is fine, so your problem is related to what you did with it and how you are trying to access it.

I used the web hosting manager (WHM) to upload to my public user direction a JS file containing the script, and then tried to view it on the browser by clicking the displayed link on the WHM, which corresponds to helloworld.massikm

This looks like an html file, did you name it index.html or similar?

Not at first, I did a mistake using part of the code here : Hello, world! and using a .js extension, but afterwards I named my file hello_world.html but I still have the same error.

You would need to directly put that name in the url. index.html etc. is automatic just like the web.

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Ah ok, it works now thanks a lot David !

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