Updating/Managing Social Media Accounts

On the Discord Channel and on Twitter, there have been questions about whether MaidSafe is inactive due to low/inconsistent activity on various accounts/pages. There is another thread for discussing ownership/management of the multiple Safe Network websites (Should I transfer the ownership of the domains to MaidSafe?). Ultimately, I think the various different language pages should all be folded into safenetwork.tech. I understand that may take some heavy lifting.

However, this thread is to discuss how to optimally manage MaidSafe and Safe Network social media accounts. Particularly as we near launch and with the frequently raised concerns about forks and other attacks, having an effective and transparent governance process in place will be very helpful.

To ensure efficient management and transparent governance, this proposal suggests the Community:

  1. Know who is running each account/site
  2. Have a say in who runs each account/site
  3. Expect more than one person to run/manage each account (i.e. built in redundancy)
  4. Expect MaidSafe to have access to each account they choose
  5. Set guidelines and expectations (e.g. accounts should post x times a week, have y levels of engagement, etc.)

Here’s a list of the current Accounts & Pages along with who manages them. Please post replies to ensure the accuracy of this list.


  • MaidSafe Account (@maidsafe) - managed by @frabrunelle / @Dimitar / MaidSafe (51.6K followers)
  • Safe Network Account (@safenetworktech) - managed by @frabrunelle / @Dimitar (841 followers)
  • Safe Network Français (@FrancaisSafe) - managed by @Dimitar (2 followers)
  • Safe Network Russian (@RussianSafe) - managed by @Dimitar (3 followers)
  • Safe Network Deutsch (@DeutschSafe) - managed by @Dimitar (2 followers)
  • Safe Network Español (@SpanishSafe) - managed by @Dimitar (3 followers)
  • Safe Network Bulgaria (@SAFEnetworkBG) - managed by @Dimitar (41 followers)



international forums / Facebook pages

Currently, the MaidSafe twitter account, which has the furthest reach, is underutilized. Since I make it a habit to keep up with any MaidSafe/Safe Network related conversation on Twitter, I’m happy to help manage the twitter accounts. Some primary actions I would take would be to:

  • Update the @maidsafe profile to direct people to @safenetworktech
  • Pin a tweet on @maidsafe that directs people to @safenetworktech
  • Post a link to the weekly updates from @safenetworktech, and have @maidsafe quote retweet directing people to follow @safenetworktech until the Safe Network account reaches a critical mass of followers
  • Engage with followers that tag @maidsafe and @safenetworktech (i.e. like or retweet)

A potential alternative would be to swap the names of the @maidsafe and @safenetworktech accounts, but I think that might cause confusion/could lead to people feeling the rug was pulled out under them. See below for more details:

Please comment with your reactions to and suggested improvements on this proposal. I’ve also reached out to the folks currently managing the Twitter account to get access and join the effort there. Thanks!


I personally like that idea but there must be some push back there, I’ll read the linked thread.

Great ideas!

Edit: @Sotros25 that link seems to be private or locked.


Hmm…I think that’s because it’s in the social media area. Here’s the link dimitar posted:

If the account names are swapped, then I think that the profile should be updated to note that so that people don’t wonder why they are following an account they never chose to follow and then automatically unfollow or get rubbed the wrong way. If the company were changing its name and MaidSafe no longer existed, I think it might be a different circumstance. Even so, the profile would need to say something like “MaidSafe is now Safe Network”.

The rest of the linked thread is basically a shorter version of the original post here.


We also have international forums / Facebook pages. As well as several unfinished translations on the website into other languages, various members of the community work on them:


Thanks for the additions, @Dimitar. I’ve added them to the original post. As a follow up to the other post, please let me know when you’ll be able to send me account access information for the MaidSafe and Safe Network twitter accounts so that I can start working on the items in the original post.


I have access only to the community Twitter, I do not have access to the company one. I don’t think it’s my decision who should have access to the community twitter - MaidSafe has to say. Personally, I don’t mind other people getting involved - at the moment only I post the weekly updates there, respond to people, post some tweets with the fundamentals and the Safe calendar :dragon:


I took @dirvine’s likes on this post and this post regarding my volunteering to help out as a go.

For those who may not be able to see them, the posts say:

@Dimitar, could you send me info for the Safe Network page? I can get started there.

I’ve also raised volunteering to help manage the MaidSafe account in the past and that’s met with support, e.g.

Hopefully, David, @frabrunelle, or @sharontannahill could provide direction on what next steps would be for the MaidSafe Twitter page.


Let’s wait for MaidSafe to say what they think, I don’t think there will be a problem, but I don’t have permission to share the access…


I am fine with it, in terms of the maidsafe twitter account I have no issues either. I think it’s @frabrunelle who has that access so we can share it as well @Sotros25


Awesome!! Looking forward to helping out :smile:


It would be nice to see someone take @maidsafe on Twitter and make frequent posts.



I’m now posting to the MaidSafe account. This first (& pinned post) from 6 days ago directs people to follow @safenetworktech:

Since that post, @safenetworktech followers have grown by about 9%.

I’m also posting to @safenetworktech and retweeting via @maidsafe. When people comment, I also respond to keep engagement up.

Currently, I’m thinking through a good content strategy beyond just linking to the weekly updates. Having studied the competition, so to speak, I think one strong source of content (and social proof) is retweeting people who are currently developing dApps. @happybeing is the most prolific about tweeting what he’s working on, so I’ve retweeted him on @safenetworktech. If you’re working on a Safe Network dApp, please tweet about it and tag @safenetworktech. While I routinely search Twitter for relevant content, tagging will expedite the process.

Some other things that could be interesting would be (re)tweeting AMA’s by the team. So far it seems like Jim is game.

On a similar note, if you’re working on a Safe dApp, I’d like to interview you when Fleming launches. Those interviews can produce content to be leveraged across platforms (i.e. YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, etc.).

In addition, I’m revisiting the Marketing Initiatives proposal to see what we might be able to start doing in the near term/after the testnet launches.


Great efforts @Sotros25!

I’ll try to be active on Twitter, it’s been some time. I could probably give some kind of sneak peak of what we’re up to and tag the .tech account. Though what we’re doing looks nice, it’s currently a narrow focus and there will actually be quite a few changes that still need to be implemented. I don’t want to spoil for when people can play but then again showing something small to prove that things are happening is a good idea.


That’s awesome, @nigel! Whatever you’re able to share is great. I think sharing bit by bit will be a good thing :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Thanks, @Sotros25! This seems like a great idea. The focus on the tech and supporting apps is exciting and people should hear about it.


A link for people to support if you would be so kind. Safenetwork.tech should be tagged. Hope you guys like the new logo reveal and screenshot! There are changes coming to it in our next push. Right now we are taking care of smaller tasks and then onto a couple larger milestones.


Liked and retweeted!! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


By the way @Sotros25, thanks for all the RTs.


My pleasure!! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Looks good! Can’t wait for the milestones.