Updating information in CoinMarketCap

Hey @maidsafe,

there are people who are confused (here too) about MaidSafe and the SAFE Network…

In my view confusion comes from obsolete information pointing out to https://maidsafe.net/, for example, the official site of the project in CoinMarketCap

You may request website update here: https://coinmarketcap.com/request/

Аnd while we’re on the topic of information update :slight_smile: can we add some links to the roadmap, so it’s easier for outsiders to find information:

I looked around thier websites and it seems the roadmaps are out of puff as well
Where is a deliverable endpoint, you know a beta or whatever…anywhere
no link outs to even their devcon which I suppose who turned up?



I couldn’t agree more.

Good topic @Dimitar

I think on the far end if I was maidsafe I’d even be considering a rename of the company… Call the company something more closely related to SAFE Network e.g. SAFE Network core or something like that where if they are confused their close enough it doesn’t matter and keep Maidsafe as a trading name in the back end. Just one idea.

But you are right. They need to audit all of the big ticket links out there in Internet land and make sure all of them point to SAFE Network website (which by the way I have to confess, it has really grown on me. At first I was very critical).

Perhaps we can use this topic as a staying point.

If your post is made editable let’s get a numeric list going of any links that point to Maidsafe which should in fact link to SAFE and let’s list them.


Thinking about this more. I really think it’s a much bigger problem. Not just links.

Issue is general confusion. I mean, the coin itself is what makes it problematic as well as the company. Say you fixed the company problem you still have the issue of MAID. people are confusing the coin with the company and the network.

Without being too critical they really should have considererd all this a little more in the beginning. Who knows, maybe they did.

Safe Network dot tech website comes up sixth when I search for “safe network”. I’m not sure how it is for others. This should be fairly easy to fix.

Before we begin doing anything we should probably seek guide from @maidsafe marketing crew. For all we know they have a plan in the works. Besides they’ll have reports showing how many people are still visiting Maidsafe, where they are coming from, what keywords they’re entering on, how many are clicking through to the Safe network site etc.


Agree with this point @Dimitar, we’ll get the update requested asap (cc: @SarahPentland).

Regards the roadmap, we can add those links off to the various web pages that relate to the specific points in the map, and more generally I think the roadmap is something we will be able to improve to give a more accurate impression of what we have achieved and what we have coming up.

Regards the MaidSafe vs SAFE Network names. I agree this is a bigger issue than links and something we continue to work on having split the website away from the MaidSafe.net domain, changing our Reddit page (a while ago now) and changing the MaidSafe blog to a SAFE Network orientated place on medium. We still have a few things to do decouple the company name from the network, one of which is the name of the coin, and we have to bring more consistency across some of our social media channels which we are working toward. Some of these things, such as migrating our Twitter acct to something SAFE Network specific, for example, will take sometime in order that we build up our following through an alternative acct before switching.

We can all continue to play our part by flagging up where we see these names are used incorrectly, and I see many of you doing that instinctively so many thanks for that, it really is appreciated!

The SEO of the site is something that we will continue to work on, I see safenetwork as coming 3rd for the same phrase, I think this is impacted by the search engine you use, and if you are logged into your Google acct, for example.

Anyway, thanks for the points


Just a thought I would like to share with you, Nick. Would it be possible to outbid the Safecoin project so when people search safecoin on google then it would show maidsafe.net or https://safenetwork.tech/. Just a thought, don’t know how expensive or possible it is to achieve, but a little what I would call guerillla marketing, would be nice. :slight_smile:

If you’re taking about Pay Per Click (PPC) Google ads then that would be fairly easy as no one is currently running adds for safecoin (I assume that is what you mean as you suggested ‘outbid’). But in terms of ranking higher than them for safecoin for organic search then that is very do able, but we would need to appeal to Page Rank through a combination of factors including; relevancy of content, popularity, links, domain name relevance, page tags, title tags…etc…


Yes, you expressed exactly what I meant but in a more professional way. :grinning: My first thought was paying for search terms but also about ranking, both would be excellent.
I believe they are deliberate trying to leach of Maidsafe and when they copied Komodos work they made the core developers of Komodo angry to the point that when they launched their project they got hacked cause they didn’t know what they where doing and left important keys in plain text. The good part is they don’t seem to have much success yet and hopefully they will bleed out sooner or later but it would be good if we could mitigate our bleed to them as much as possible. I also tag @Cgray to this as this conversation relates heavily to her position.


another question, somewhat related: why is ChainRift not listed on CoinMarketCap as one of the exchanges trading MAID? I think it would actually help the ChainRift team a lot in terms of visibility, liquidity etc.


@BambooGarden good point.

@nicklambert and @tobbetj I made sure I was logged out and using different browsers, incognito etc. See below image, logged out, cache cleared, using Internet Exploder lol.

Regards to SEO we can easily request some direct high quality back links from those websites, especially the higher authority ones.

Another thing we should discuss though is that grey area of the relationship between Maid and SAFE.

Maidsafe is building the network but Maidsafe does not own the network. So are there plans for Maidsafe to hand over the website safenetwork.tech or setup internally a not for profit part of Maidsafe that manages all of this?

In terms of some high ranking results that should be considered for changes, here are a few others I have found.

links to https://maidsafe.net/docs/Safe%20Network%20Primer.pdf could we re-direct here? Or is that simply not possible? If not possible, perhaps we contact Paul the author and let him know the link is no longer working and request he update it https://coincentral.com/author/paulreniegmail-com/.

Is it possible to link to safenetwork.tech as well as maidsafe.net or just the one? If only one, can we perhaps utilise the projects page that is currently empty for an overview project of all the repo’s https://github.com/orgs/maidsafe/projects and perhaps we just call it SAFE Network and link to safenetwork.tech in the description?

How BTW does SAFE Network via github tie into any of this in terms of an organisation? Something to think about…


Links to https://safenetwork.org/

Same as above for coincentral.

Now that I think about it…could Maidsafe perhaps buy https://safenetwork.org/ from whomever it is that owns it and then do a re-direct???

I dont use LinkedIn so my access is limited but I cannot see any links or articles pointing to safenetwork.tech and yet LinkedIn has a good PR and authority. And also from the same perspective as the github topic, can we discuss the idea of SAFE Network being perhaps its own entity on these platforms?

Is there option for more websites or links or again as above do we setup SAFE Network as it’s own entity?

No links to Maid or SAFE.

Not sure what can be done here due to coin name, but good to note.

Who runs this site? It is also linking to https://safenetwork.org/

Seems to me we can solve some of this quote easily by redirecting https://safenetwork.org/ to https://safenetwork.tech/ … how we do this is not up to me but i’d suggest purchasing it from whomever owns it and doing a 301 redirect. Or asking them if they are friendly to do it for us (who owns it BTW was it @frabrunelle )


This website was used by MaidSafe to host documentation a few years ago but it’s no longer being used. I just updated it to link to safenetwork.tech instead :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m the one who maintains it but the domain itself belongs to one of my friends and he’s not willing to sell it. I’d have to discuss the idea of setting up a redirect with him.


That would be great.

I’m sure he’ll see the value in redirecting it to safenetwork.tech.

This in itself will solve quite a few of these link issues and should push safenetwork.tech up in the ranks.



I think they would need to use the coinmarketcap APIs for trades made on ChainRift to be picked up. Maybe @dannyrdee could help. Agree this would helpful visibility.


Do you know why? If he’s not willing for it to be under the control of the community I don’t think we should be using it at all because regardless of his character, we can’t know who will use it or how at some point in the future.

Great work @goindeep. BTW any URL can be redirected, it’s a one line entry in .htaccess and one of the things we/Maidsafe should get on top of: scanning the Web server logs for 404 errors and setting up redirects.


I’ve been thinking about this whole Maidsafe and SAFE Network topic more and more.

I wonder if it might be a good idea to at least consider pushing any news and communication through SAFE Network instead of through Maidsafe? Or is it too early for that?

A good example would be the videos and articles e.g.

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Thanks for the tag here Nick.

@BambooGarden we agree that getting listed on CMC would help a lot in terms of visibility.

CMC have strict criteria that need to be met prior to be considered for listing on their platform, e.g minimum daily trading volume.

We are in active correspondence with the CMC team and are working towards a listing ASAP as soon as we meet their criteria.


No plans currently in place, but we have the MaidSafe Foundation (a Scottish Charity and a separate legal entity) as a potential option down the road.

Noted on the back links of those articles, can you follow up pls @SarahPentland and see if we can get these articles updated and pointing to safenetwork.tech where possible.


I personally would see a few issues with forming a SAFE Network entity, but others may have a different view. Entities tend to costs money (legal, tax) and tend to need formal structures that are maybe not in keeping with everyone’s view the community. For example, the Internet is not a company although there are those that try to control it (ICANN).


The minimum daily trading volume should be $1M…as it is easy with wash trading, It is checking manually on request.

Good findings with re-direct, that would be great if it can be achieved. Have you tried to search “Safecoin”, that was the focus of my previous comment and has similar problems to what you found. It is great we find these things so they can be worked on.

Interesting thought you had about foundations and a good reply from @nicklambert. I also have had some brief thoughts about foundations. I have had thoughts about a future community foundation for the purpose of maintaining Network code and maybe future Research and development. But as Nick mentioned, and if a foundation would be beneficial, it would need to be built on good structure, legal, funding and principles which proabably would depend on the success of the SAFE-network. Either way it is a little fun to think about what the future could hold and what challenges lays ahead. :grinning:


There is a web foundation for www and obviously bitcoin has one too.

Does not have to be a foundation. But yes you are right that would mean some kind of legal work.

I’m not sure what other solution there is. But I think something is needed especially as the two grow.

If I have time today I will do some more searches.

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Hi all, I have been working away behind the scenes on this. CoinMarketCap have now added safenetwork.tech and have updated LinkedIn to the same. I have also contacted all of the external links mentioned here to ask revisions to be made, still waiting to hear back from most. I will continue to do a trawl and see if there are others and try and get them updated accordingly, as always ping me if you find anything :slight_smile: