Updated SAFE Webring - LIVE AGAIN! (May 6th 2016 test release)


Update: now live with sites from @aenemic and @davidpbrown - thank you both for joining and for your patience. Once there are a few more links posted I will add them too. Come and join the SAFE Webring! :slight_smile:

Websites which have added the Webring code to their website and uploaded it to SAFE network can join The SAFE Webring which is being updated.

Note: your website must have index.html as the index page.

Visit the webring here: http://the.safewebring.safenet UPDATE - NOW LIVE (9th March)

Click next, previous or random (in the banner).

NOTE: the Webring will not be available for some time after a network reset because all websites will need to be uploaded again, and then a request made to me to include them in the new Webring, which I must then upload again.

To submit your website for the webring:

NOTE: If you were in the first Webring, I won’t repost your website until you have uploaded to the new testnet and asked again to be included in the new Webring.

Content suitable for this Webring: since in effect I am hosting the Webring I have decided to ask you to keep the content acceptable to a wide range of people who might stumble upon your website. It would be different if they were looking for content using a search engine, or following a link that indicates what they are about to visit. But this is part of the public face of SAFEnetwork and the content we provide to show it around will reflect of the community and the project, so I think it is important we consider this. I expect people will want to show the Webring to their friends, and I want this Webring to be something people feel OK to share with friends, family, strangers etc. - I showed my elderly mum for example. So please respect my request and keep your Webring submissions suitable for everyone’s friends, family, and others of all ages, genders, philosophy, sock colour etc. For the avoidance of any doubt, cat videos may or may not be acceptable :smile_cat:

If anyone doesn’t like this, please take it up with me, but respect my request here. The earlier Webrings were great fun and IMO a credit to this community, as well as nice way to show off the SAFEnetwork project. Let’s do it again! And again! And again during testing, so we can all show it off far and wide :slight_smile: Thanks again for all those contributions.

Details of what you need to do are in How To Join The SAFE Webring



is what I get trying to visit the webring site.

Also when I input the code, theres nothing appearing on my site: http://music.chris.safenet/


http://www.hello.safenet/ has the code but I see no navigation… perhaps will come alive once the webring is working?


It is a chicken and egg situation so the webring isn’t there yet. Once there are FIVE links posted on this topic I’ll add them to the webring and upload it so please bear with me! :slight_smile:


@happybeing, I’m working on stitching together up1 ( the source for share.riseup.net ) and safenet.js by Ephi Blanshey - Hopefully I get something working soon, and will propose for inclusion in the webring !
So far I hit a lot of blockers, but I do my best to kick them out one after the other.

Ty for the ring anyways !

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Up and working now :smiley:


Kinda… lots of broken links in that chain. Brings back fond memories of the early 1990’s :slight_smile:


Update: now live with sites from @aenemic and @davidpbrown - thank you both for joining and for your patience. Once there are a few more links posted I will add them too. Come and join the SAFE Webring! :slight_smile:

Please read the OP in full for details of how to join.


@davidpbrown - you may need to reload - should not be any broken links now. If you still find any let me know!

Works fine now, randomed 20 times and got the webring site, mine and the helloworld site.

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I wonder a safer banner in future would be just simple static links to javascript based on the webring site. Then users would need only enable scripts, via the likes of NoScript, for just the webring rather than each site - without script for each site enabled the banner isn’t visible.

@davidpbrown I’m not sure exactly what you mean, but if anyone wants to improve the webring code I will update it. I’m not going to make any changes myself as I’m doing other work now (on SAFEpress and remoteStorage and that needs all the time I have).

A vanilla html link to a webring/forward.js and webring/backward.js which do http header redirects to the next in the chain…

How do I browse the SAFEnet. I have the Vault, Launcher, and Demo apps running. Don’t see anything obvious. Do I need to configure a browser with a certain proxy?

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I don’t know much but I can cut and paste it seems :slight_smile:

http://a.random.safenet is now just a javascript random bounce.
A user just needs to enable scripts to that and webpage owner just needs to link to it for the random function.

<script type="text/javascript">
  function Redirect() {
    var myrandom=Math.round(Math.random()*2)
    var webringSites=new Array()
    webringSites[0] = "http://the.safewebring.safenet/";
    webringSites[1] = "http://music.chris.safenet/";
    webringSites[2] = "http://hello.safenet/";
    //webringSites[3] = "http://safepress.safenet/";
    //webringSites[4] = "http://music.safenet/";
    //webringSites[5] = "http://badger.riddim.safenet/";

<body onload="Redirect()">

See the links in the OP of SAFE Network - TEST 2 - Update (7th May 12:15 BST) Now complete
and look at proxy setup too https://maidsafe.readme.io/docs/proxy-setup

Thanks for the help!

Got a bees and chickens photo page running with webring javascript: http://photos.beechicks.safenet/

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STRIKE THIS - I see the network is down and will not be restarted for a couple of days. So we’ll be starting again from scratch then - I’ll start a new topic then to keep it clean.

@polpolrene please close this. Thx.