Updated Maidsafe & Safe Network Press Kits

Not sure about that. For a project that many believe failed to deliver on its early promise it could smack of dwelling on past glories. The obvious riposte is “That was 13 years ago. Why hasn’t he presented there since?”

Cutting-edge tech is no respecter of heritage.


I haven’t seen anyone presenting twice.

Here are the updated Technical, Consumer, and Crypto press kits! Thanks again to everyone who proofread the first draft. If you notice anything on these updated versions, please let me know. For version control, it’s easier if people comment what they notice here (otherwise put, I and the GitHub are net yet one, haha).

The benefits and technical features I highlighted in the press kits were driven by the results of the survey. Data Interoperability and Data Portability weren’t top 5 benefits/factors for the target groups, and they weren’t highlighted as important to Investors/Traders. I’ve left this point off of the Crypto Press Kit, but added it to Consumer and Technical press kits, as these two factors were a bit more important for them. For space reasons as well as relevant importance, I also excluded the point on being more distributed/decentralized from the Crypto Press Kit but added it to the other two.

When the testnet launches tomorrow, I’ll update “Access the testnet” and “Learn more”. :smile:


Can’t see them any more (did you delete them?) but I found one or two more small things.

MaidSafe - we aim to provide privacy, security[comma] and freedom to everyone on the planet

Swap positions of Team: 12 thinkers, inventors… and Contact: pr@maidsafe.net so Team is all in one column

Beta: A live N[n]etwork that runs on real Safe Network Tokens


Yes, I just had to upload new versions. I noticed that the links to the logos and icons were all directing to the same image, so I fixed that. The updated versions should be viewable now.

Cool, I’ll make these updates as a new version!


MaidSafe - we aim to provide privacy, security and freedom to everyone on the planet

Maybe “aiming”. That way no capitalization and ending period would be needed. Am I right?

My English is not good enough to give suggest actual corrections, but I’m skeptical of the punctuation used throughout the documents. I believe an English language expert is needed. Maybe there is one in the community. Anybody?

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Or even:

I’d get rid of the “aiming” and make it bolder. And why restrict the scope on the planet?


Sure, but I’m really just talking about orthography above.


“for everyone” would be more correct.

Otherwise I like that a lot. Snappy and succinct.


Read through the crypto one now. Couldn’t find any errors in the text, but I did find some small stuff here and there, I think these apply to all three press kits:

  • The link under “Who we are” to safenetwork.tech leads to maidsafe.net when clicked.
  • The contact email link under “who are we” is clickable, but doesn’t seem to do anything. I would expect it to open my email client with a pre-filled recipient. I remember from when I was making websites that emails should link to for instance mailto:pr@maidsafe.net to do that, maybe that helps.
  • Some links don’t have the same color as the others:
    • David’s LinkedIn & Twitter
    • The contact email address
    • The logo and icon links at the bottom
  • The links at the end to the logo and icon for MaidSafe and Safe Network - blue are without transparency, and the other two are with. Maybe this is what we have to work with, or it’s on purpose, but thought I’d point it out in case it’s a mistake.

Thanks for the comments everyone! I’ve made updates but will wait to post until after I’ve been able to incorporate the links for “Access the Testnet” and “Learn More” (hopefully tomorrow :crossed_fingers:). Some quick notes:

“aim” is okay in this context. Technically an em dash would be better here instead of a regular (en) dash, but it doesn’t make much of a difference. Plus, I like the symmetry of an en dash in both the “Who We Are” and “What We’re Building” sections.

This phrasing is borrowed from maidsafe.net to keep consistency in branding: “…to provide security and privacy for everyone on the planet.”

This is true. At a time I had used the verb “deliver” instead of “provide”, but since it’s “provide”, “for” is correct.

Strange. It opens up my mail client (but I’m on a mac). Just to be safe, I’ve changed the hyperlink to “mailto:pr@maidsafe.net”. With regards to the blue logo, I think the white background is helpful in this context because of the blue. Since the other logos are essentially neutral and would look good against any background, I think having a transparent background works for them.

This was a weird one. For some reason, both of these links were leading to maidsafe.net because editing one hyperlink changed the other. Deleting the text and starting over fixed this one.

All other changes incorporated :smile:


I was wondering if in milestones would be worth mentioning that Maidsafe refactored and started to port its whole codebase to Rust in March 2015.
That was quite a controversial and crazy move, and Maidsafe was the first in the crypto space (or any major project, apart from Mozilla afaik) to do that.
Rust wasn’t even in beta when David saw its potential and decided to start all over in this language, it was a very risky move.

Here is the discussion, you can see how David shares his discovery in the community, and how he ends getting more and more convinced this is the way to go.


Most relevant for the Technical press kit, I think. Will try to add although space is tight. :smile:

Press kits are a go! I feel like I need more arms to keep on top of everything! But, I’ve taken a short break from Twitter to finalize the Technical, Crypto, and Consumer press kits. Last night I also pulled together a list of ~50 publications (including ones people mentioned in this thread) and found contact info for writers at ~20 of them. I’ll start reaching out :smile:


Kudos to you


Thank you for all the effort you are putting in @Sotros25, you’re doing so much lately :pray:, really good timing too. I needed a break myself, so loving all the activity from you and others as I kick back a bit!

Such a great project and community. :clap: