Update 27 January, 2022

Last week we released another playground for the community to get their hands dirty with. We were particularly encouraged with its stability, given that a few things are still in flux - we are definitely moving in the right direction. A huge thanks to everyone who took part :bowing_man: We’ll be launching more of these wee ‘playgrounds’ as well as more official testnets soon enough (as we’ve noted elsewhere), and will work towards making those nodes smaller and more accessible for the community to join in with as we go.

General progress

Last weekend’s playground threw up some odd results where data chunks would seem to be missing then reappear again. @joshuef has been digging into this one and believes it could be down to a change we made recently when we started storing mutable data (register data type) on adults. During this refactor, it seems a bug was introduced where we are storing client-node connections based upon the data address, but only storing one at a time. So if two different clients requested the same data, only the last one would succeed. A fix using many-to-many client connections and operation IDs instead of the data address appears to have been successful (our many_client tests go once more). This change should also allow popular data to be served more quickly to waiting clients (rather than each waiting for their own response as it used to be).

Last week we talked about the membership consensus mechanism which ensures elders can keep track of the adults and other elders in their section. @Anselme has been working on extracting the common functionality from the sn_membership algorithm and the elder handover process (where new elders are given all the info they need) and putting it into a new sn_consensus crate that can be used by both processes.

We also mentioned the belt-and-braces supermajority over supermajority consensus system to manage situations where elders disagree. For example, when a node requests to join, first a supermajority (5) of elders must agree that the new node is needed, and then, second, a supermajority of elders must agree that a supermajority of elders have accepted this proposal. @davidrusu has been working on the key share aggregation that produces a valid BLS signature at the end of this process, and is working on investigating a failing property based test.

And finally, we’re absolutely delighted to welcome Heather to the MaidSafe fold. Some of you already know Heather from her combative Twitter presence and her Webdevlaw blog in which she champions data privacy and freedom of expression. Having spent a few days familiarising herself with the company, the project and the community, she’s raring to get stuck in.

Over to you, Heather!

Hi, I’m Heather Burns. I’ve joined MaidSafe this week as Head of Policy and Governance.

I’ll be doing my part to make sure the Safe Network project has the transparent and accountable governance that its community deserves. I’ll also be speaking up for MaidSafe as a British tech startup focused on privacy and freedom of expression, at a time when that is a bit of an occupational hazard.

I have a background in privacy, open source, digital rights, politics, and startups, which makes MaidSafe a pretty good place to be. Prior to MaidSafe, I worked at Open Rights Group, where I led on the freedom of expression portfolio, most specifically on the UK’s Online Safety Bill.

Prior to that, I worked with Coadec, the political advocacy body for UK tech startups, and was also a freelance policy and regulatory advisor to digital agencies and businesses. I was also a contributor to open source software communities, most notably helping to build the privacy suite of tools for the WordPress CMS in 2018.

But if we’re going way, way back to the beginning, I built my first web site in 1996, hand-coding HTML in the Lynx text browser on my university’s dial-up Unix system.

I live in Glasgow, Scotland, which means I’m delighted to have a local employer again for the first time in 16 years. I’m looking forward to engaging with the Safe Network community as we bring the project’s vision ever closer to reality.

Useful Links

Feel free to reply below with links to translations of this dev update and moderators will add them here:

:russia: Russian ; :germany: German ; :spain: Spanish ; :france: French; :bulgaria: Bulgarian

As an open source project, we’re always looking for feedback, comments and community contributions - so don’t be shy, join in and let’s create the Safe Network together!


First after reading… unbelievable :rofl:
Great to have you @Heather_Burns :tada:


again second :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice update, thanks team Maidsafe. And welcome Heather - good to learn about your experience – sounds like you are going to fit in really well!


Thanks so much to the entire Maidsafe team for all of your hard work!! Keep the enthusiasm going and remember to take lots of breaks!

And welcome, @Heather_Burns!



Welcome @Heather_Burns! Thanks for the update @maidsafe.


vdash v0.7.0 has been released and now works again with all test networks. There’s more work to do and I’m not sure how reliable what it shows you is yet but it is ready to try out.


  • nodes must be started with: RUST_LOG=safe_network=trace safe node join #etc
  • same when starting a local test network
  • logfiles must be in default format (text not JSON)

Feedback and help updating welcome in exchange for free Rust coaching (free and worth every penny :wink:). See this post for more:


Welcome @Heather_Burns hopefully you can keep
the wolves from the door while the maidsafe team do their thing


I eat wolves for breakfast.


IME Heather’s name is an accurate description.


And there ended Scotland’s ambitious rewilding scheme.


Given the previous way-ahead direction from David paraphrasing “We are 100% focused on successful product delivery right now.” Adding a non-development team member is a positive sign! Looks like one of those surprise thunderbolts from Sun Tzu I cited before. Didn’t see that coming. Well played, David. :sunglasses:
Welcome to the Safe community, Ms. Burns.


A belated thank you for this update from me and @Neik
We have been getting all aglug in a little hostelry on the @southside of the city. THe update arrived early before we arrived so we decide to quench our thirst first and post later
Welcome Heather, I was aware of you beforehand and delighted you are on the team now. Looking forward to hearing your take on many aspects of this project.

Also very much looking forward to new testnets.


Welcome @Heather_Burns ! Your background sounds like a perfect fit for maidsafe!

Loved following the playground net this week too! Stability is coming. Exciting times! :star_struck:


Glad to see you getting on-board @Heather_Burns.


@JPL It’s OK cos the beavers continue to thrive

I like beavers but find it difficult to concentrate on more than one at a time.

I think we should reintroduce more species to cull the deer and the insufficiently prepared hill-walkers.


Welcome Heather! Great job team once again. We will fly once more, soon, this time a little further across the digital sea.


Weird. My double entendre detector just went off for no reason. Damn thing must be on the blink again.


Welcome @Heather_Burns I always assumed that the level of governmental and non-governmental interference that a truly non-censored platform such as MAIDSAFE would experience, could only be overcome with decentralization so there was no attack surface. Bitcoin is an example of this, as is bittorrent (the protocol, not the company).

I suppose there is a UK based company that is perhaps resisting this pressure for the moment. That company is BitChute. I actually don’t have high hopes they will continue to withstand, but we can at least use them as our canary in the coal mine.

Welcome again, and good luck in your battle.