Update 17 November, 2022

just spun up a baby Fleming after building from main.
and the optimizing that’s been going on is very very noticeable the speed it puts file up at is incredible compared to the last baby Fleming I played with !!

its going at about 3 seconds per mp3 now I never timed it before but I think it was around 10 15 seconds previously.

well done to all the team for the non stop improvements and dedication


That is like 400% improvement right ?

Well done :+1:


Absolutely loving the critical but must have discussions on CFT and BFT on the side topics on the forums! It took a few hours to read and re-read through the whitepaper that was quoted (the VCBC)! Not my domain by any means but very interesting…!!

Cheering the team on from the sidelines as always :smiley: !!!

Can’t wait for the next testnet, even if it takes weeks or months “officially”… Though I am sure @Josh and others will step up to engage the community for a testnet the minute its possible to do so, or warranted! :smiley:


sounds a bit like you are thinking of making a network.
That would be an interesting project

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Has the team looked at Avalanche Conensus (paper, video)? BFT that is fast, cheap and correct… The project founders are academic experts on the topic from Cornell. The public Avax network has been running for about a year now.


Okay lets assume your aim is yo DDOS SAFE not keep it running. Also let’s assume you go low tech and get a bunch of blackhats in a room to do it and have gov’t billionaire backers so resources aren’t a problen. Do these assumptions create a scenario C to cracking the network? I guess what I’m wondering is if the Achles heel of SAFE is collusion and mallicious takedown intent what if there are actors that want to do exactly that? Fanatical Luddite gov’ts or w/e.

P S. This is not FUD. This is a legit security concern that didn’t seem to be mentioned in the blog. There are people even now who have been willing to shut down the internet in order to achieve their political goals, including physically going to and disabling servers as well as taking people’s personal computers.